You must have been questioning “Why Can’t I Follow People on Instagram?” when Instagram won’t let you follow some of your admired people, right? Yeah, it can be a big problem you want to solve particularly when you are crazy at going around social media.

Following people on Instagram means a way to get more followers. Vice versa, when you can’t follow people, it means no one can follow you, too. As simple as that. Thus, on this page, I am going to explain some possible causes to answer the question Why Can’t I Follow People on Instagram.

Why Can’t I Follow People on Instagram?

You Are May Be Blocked

The first cause why you can’t follow people on Instagram is that you are probably blocked. It doesn’t mean that people have blocked you but the Instagram did it. To know more about this, you must test by following a lot of people. Look at the following button. If it appears unselecting, it means that Instagram really blocks you.

Let’s come to the question “Why does Instagram block you?” Well, it is probably because you keep clicking the follow button although the message “You’re temporarily blocked” when you try to follow certain people. In this case, some people may protect their community from being followed by other people outside their community.

A Bug On The App

The second cause to answer Why Can’t I Follow People on Instagram is the possibility of a bug on the app. Although a bug is not a common reason why you can’t follow people, it happens, too. You can directly solve this problem by updating the app or restarting the device. It is very easy, isn’t it?

Following Lots of People In a Short Time

Never do something forcefully only in a short space of time. When you are firstly active on Instagram, I am sure you are likely to follow hundreds of people only in a short time. The usual limit to follow people is proximately 160 people at once. If you try to break the limit, Instagram is likely blocking you from following people.

To fix this problem, you need to stop following people for a couple of hours so that Instagram will allow you to follow more people again.

Old Instagram Account

Another reason why you can’t follow people on Instagram is that your account is old. Don’t forget t update every new version of Instagram in order to follow the latest version so that you will be enabled to do anything. Although your account might be old, you can keep following people if you keep updating the version, too.

Excessive Liking and Comment

The last but not least reason comes up from a question Why Can’t I Follow People on Instagram is the excessive liking and comment. Too many likes and comments make you feel like you are using a bot. thus, Instagram blocks you from following people.


All in all, there are at least 5 reasons for the question Why Can’t I Follow People on Instagram. Those 5 reasons seem like problems you must solve. However, you will be able to solve it along with the explanation of each part described above.