There are a number of video editing software available for Android, especially for those that we can get it for free like. Most of them have a watermark as a copyright symbol from the creator of the app. Thus, for those who want to make their own video without watermark in it feel a little disappointed. However, nowadays you can find video editor app without watermark for android, and also you can try online video editor no watermark.

Video Editor App Without Watermark for Android:


FilmoraGo offers all the primary functions of video editing like trimming, cutting, adding themes, music, and etc. Moreover, you can make videos for Instagram and Youtube, create reverse videos, add transitions, slow motion, and beautify your video. In addition, you can get all of the amazing features for free and save the videos in your gallery directly.

The watermark at the end of the video can be removed with the upgrade. Furthermore, for more features, you can purchase in-app. That’s why this app is considered as video editor app without watermark for android.


VideoShow is one of the best video editing apps for Android which is available in Play Store for free. It is reliable and easy to use. Apart from the primary functions of the video editor, you can also beautify your video by adding text, effects, and music. In addition, there are over 50 different themes available here, and you can also reduce the size by compressing it. Moreover, it supports almost all Android devices, such latest Samsung tablet.


Klipmix is an app where you can mix videos and photos with your favorite music to create your own video. It can handle various rotations of your recording that sometimes happens to be upside down. Moreover, you can also share your videos with your friends. In addition, it has many editor tools like video filters, transitions, slow motion, and others to make a great video. Klipmix has no watermark and you can get it free.


Splice is different from any other video editor app. It is aimed at people editing footage from the action camera where it will be useful for your Youtube video. It lets you import, trim and arrange video clips, add transitions, texts, filters titles and effects to make a video. Moreover, it also helps you to make a video without any advertisements nor watermark. Thus, I’ll say this as a video editor app without watermark for android.


Quik is another excellent video editor app which is perfect especially for the beginners. In addition, if you want a quick video without importing, rendering or others then this is what you need. It’s speed in making a video which is different from any other app, will not let you down. You can select your favorite photos or video clips to make your own stories in a great video. Furthermore, you can crop videos, add effects, texts and sync everything to your favorite music. Once you have completed your video, you can save it in 1080p or 720p.


Vidstitch is an intelligent and automagically video editor app to optimize your Instagram. It provides an easy way to combine stickers and special effects on movies and share them with friends. In addition, it combines photos and videos into one beautiful collage that you can also share in Instagram. Moreover, you can use a soundtrack to live your video and make it as the video editor app without watermark for android.

For your Instagram, now you don’t need to worry anymore. Go make a video and share it with your followers on Instagram. Moreover, make them jealous with this app that edits video without watermark, so you will look more expert than those who upload a video with a watermark.

Well, those all of the video editing apps that you can use for your Android. Now, the watermark will not worry you any more. You can create your own video without watermark in your Android. Now what? Go, download and try it then.