Have you ever worked all night that use a computer to working your job in the office or you need to complete the homework for your study? I believe that after the long activities in front of the computer, your body will feel not comfort, back pain, tension in your eyes, tired fingers, and few cramps in your arms. If this happened not in every day, so it might be no problem. But how if it happens every day, that you must work all the time in front of a computer? It will cause the serious long-term injury.

The Injury By Using Computer All The Time

One the injury that commonly happened for some people by using the computer for a long time is repetitive strain injury. This injury is the conditions of involving pain in hand or arm that caused by repetitive activity. It may cause by clicking the mouse or type on the keyboard. If this injury does not get well it will be more severe become Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

This syndrome includes tingling, numbness, and the burning sensations in the finger. This serious condition often needs more long time to heal. There is no specific evidence to prove the cause of this syndrome but from the general review by the sufferers, this syndrome caused by the long working hours on the computer.

What Is Ergonomic Keyboard?

Ergonomic is the study of the interactions between other elements of the system with humans, it usually related to the workplace. If this system applied to the computer, so this system related to your chair, the height of your desk, the distance between you and the monitor, and the type of the chair that you use. For the comfortable to use the computer, this ergonomic system will design the computer system that easy to use and make less strain of your body. There are two types of mouse and keyboard that use the ergonomic system.

The Ergonomic Keyboard

the type of keyboard that usually used by some people consists of a rectangle with buttons that placed in a straight row. This form is not natural because it brings your hands together in front of you. The ergonomic keyboard is usually designed with the form of V shape. It makes more natural and makes you possible to type a little tilt. This can reduce the tension of muscle and another related injury.

Another type of keyboard, break the keyboard into two parts, one for each hand. With this design, so you no need to make more movements on your hand and fingers. Maybe you will feel strange to get use this kind of keyboard if you often used the regular keyboard.

By the long hours of working on a computer, it can cause the muscle tension injury. The ergonomic keyboard is designed with more comfort form that can reduce the tension of muscle. This is mostly a matter of personal preference, and you need to find out what is most comfortable for you. You need to consider the computer devices that will make your work more comfortable.