There is so many office jobs that we must do every day such as making financial data, making letters,  and also making presentations by using the computer. Surely what will happen to us will use Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and also Microsoft PowerPoint. But did you know that there is so many office application software that will make your office job come easier? You may download them in FileHippo.

Kingsoft Office

Kingsoft Office is usually known with the name WPS Office that one of the products from software developer from China. This application software created in 2002. The features and appearance are designed similarly with Microsoft Office. since the WPS Office Storm 2005, this application is supported by Microsoft Office format in 2000-2003 formats of the document. You don’t need to take much practice and time to use this application software, this application includes Kingsoft Office 2007 Personal, Kingsoft Presentation, and also Kingsoft Spreadsheets.

The excellence of this application is The Kingsoft Office 2007 has a small installer file size, that less than 50 MB. So this application can be run on Windows Vista and may be used in older computers. This application also has the advantage that a built-in feature to save and export the documents in the format of PDF.

SSuite Office Application

Another alternative application for Microsoft Office but no need pay a.k.a free of license is SSuite office application. This application has the function that almost same with Microsoft Office that use to do the office work, such as editing data or create documents. The advantage of this application is that the users no need to install the Net Framework or JavaScript. Without this applications, so you may use the SSuite office application to help your work. This application also compatible with other applications that found on your desktop that can be quite good. You may download it in FileHippo.

Corel WordPerfect Office X4

This application software offers powerful software packages and some features like in Microsoft Office, the users may open OOXML file, more than 60 file formats, and save the file in a different format. This edition of Corel WordPerfect Office X4 including lightning for notes, WordPerfect for text, Quattro Pro for spreadsheets, Presentations Graphic editors, and mail.

Even this application is quite expensive, but there are some advantages that you can get. In this application software, you will find the spreadsheet, Word processing, note-taking, email, support for more than 60 file formats, graphical applications, has the capability to handling PDFs like OCR in PDF, and also the powerful tool for big documents. But for you those who usually use the Microsoft Office 2007, you may feel difficult to use this application software.


Koffice is one of the applications for office work that has the package for the K Desktop Environment. This all of the components are realized with an open source license. If you use this application software, so you may find the Kword as the word processor. Kspread as the processing of the number or spreadsheet. Kpresenter that the application to process the presentation. Karbon 14 is the processor of the vector image that has the concept as like as Microsoft Office 2007. The differences are that Koffice installs the toolbar on the left or right of the documents.  The applications menu just a few and nicely arranged. You will be amazed when you open for the first time and run this application. Koffice itself may use the ODF format file to save file, so it’s similar to LibreOffice or Open Office. You may download it in FileHippo.

Celframe Office

This kind of package application software offers the complete programs that you need to make your job easier. Starting from the needs of making data, typing documents,  email, and make the photo album has been provided by this package. There are 10 programs that you will find in this package such as Office Spreadsheet 2008. Celframe Office Write 2008, Office Power Presentation 2008, Office Draw 2008, Office Studio 2008, Office Data Access 2008, Office Note Maker 2008, Office Photo Album 2008, and also Office Publisher 2008.

You can do all you need about the program to manage documents, data, and email by using this application software. These features are also easy to use. One of the interesting programs is Celframe Office Photo Album. You may download it in FileHippo File.