Not only can make the loss of important documents or files, the viruses may make your PC error and even worse, even damage. The bad effects that caused by viruses greatly interfere with the performance of the computer, as well as can inhibit our activities to use the computer, such as when working on job and etc. In addition, the danger of computer viruses is that can be produced themselves automatically and attack the computer system that important without being detected before.


Trojan is one of the types of computer viruses that created for stealing data and even can be used to control the data that is on the victim’s computer. This virus itself usually appears via the internet and also emails that received by the users. Through the media, the Trojan also infected the computer. So, you must to be careful when accessing the internet or open the email. Because this virus can steal the valuable data or information on your computer.

If we see this work of a virus, the Trojan itself is actually not a type of virus, but because the character of Trojan disrupts the performance of the computer, so many people classify it as one type of computer virus. How the way to clean the computer from Trojan virus? To kill this kind of virus you may use the antivirus software such as Trojan Hunter and Trojan Remover. This antivirus software is specified to kill the Trojan virus.

Memory Resident Virus

This another kind of virus is Memory Resident Virus. This type is created to infect RAM memory. So the effects of this virus will interfere with the programs of computer and even can make your computer will be slower than usual. The Memory Resident Virus will activate automatically when your computer’s operating system is turned on. To anticipate this kind of virus, you may use the antivirus software such as Avast, Avira, Smadav, and etc.

Web Scripting Virus

This kind of interference that usually happened in a computer is a Web Scripting Virus. This interference is actually not a virus, but is a code of the program that is used to operate the content that is on the website, why we can classify into a virus? Because of the Web Scripting often interference the programs of the computer, that is what makes it classified as one of the viruses. So, how to prevent this kind of virus? You may do routine cleaning your system of a computer with Microsoft default windows tools or other antivirus software application.


Even this kind of virus is not too dangerous, but if it is left continuously, this virus can make your storage on your computer will full very quickly. Because this Worm itself is the kind of virus that has the capability to replicate themselves. So, you cannot let this kind of viruses to stay on your computer for a long time. Besides that problem, this virus also can infect the computer users via email and internet networks, as well as Trojan. How to prevent this virus to your computer is you may use the Antivirus Pro in order to get more optimal results.

FAT Virus

File Allocation Table virus or FAT virus is the kind of virus of the computer that has the ability to damage your files on the computer. Besides that, this virus has the ability to hide various important files easily. So that infected files will be lost or has been deleted. Of course, it will make you so loss if your important file deleted. To prevent this kind of virus, you cannot use the antivirus software. You just need to pay attention to the files that you never made before.