If you are the Youtuber or vlogger, I believe that you know about video editing software. There is so many video editing software that has advantages and disadvantages of each. After you know the advantages and disadvantages of some video editing applications, you can choose the best application to create the amazing videos.

Adobe Priemere

Surely you are familiar with this kind of video editing application. You no need to doubt with this kind of application that produce by Adobe. In this application, not only available the video editing, graphic designs, and also magazine editing applications and etc. Even Adobe is popular and no need doubt about the features, but this application also has the weaknesses and strengths. For those of you who like the video editing, so you need to know the advantages and the disadvantages of this applications.

The advantage of this application is, this application can make the screen videos from camcorder, but you must connect to the laptop or PC. You may easy to make a title on your video. And not only give the title, you may also make the variety timeline. This variety of timeline is possible for you to make 99 columns. There is a built-in explorer feature that can be sued for managing files and browsing. You may use the interface preview on the editing process. For the better quality video, you may use the accuracy of time around 0.01 seconds. In this application also available media encoder and feature to autosave the project. This application also has some effects to make your video more interesting.

If you want to use this application. So you will find a few tutorials or guide. So you may a little bit feel confused to use it. This application also will take a lot of storage or space on your hard drive laptop or computer. You may also not able to use this application, because it needs quite a large space that not available for all types of laptop. You may not see the preview in full screen. To save the edited video you need to through the rendering process.

Windows Movie Maker

The next application that you can use to edit the video is Windows Movie Maker. You may see the results of video editing through CD or Windows Media Player. You will easy to understand to use this application because the features are easy to use. You may give the dissolve and fade between the clips to make the interesting effects. You also may give the voice narration, background music, and the sounds effects. To save this edited video you can directly save yo the computer.

If you use this application to edit the video you may find the problems such as not responding problem when saving, importing, and exporting. When the process is still run, that program often close itself. The feature to fixed the editing video is often lacking. If you use the Windows 7 on your laptop, so you can not use this application. Because this application is not suitable for the Windows 7.