Smadav 2019 Free Antivirus

People are generally torn between using the free Smadav or Smadav Pro for their protection. Just so you know, Smadav Pro is the paid service of Smadav so you should expect improved performance and more complete features – at least when compared to the free service. The problem is now that people have a torn heart – which one should they choose, anyway?

Smadav 2019 Free vs Smadav 2019 Pro

The Basic Differences

Let’s talk about the features of Smadav software in general, shall we? This is an antivirus software that is used as the backup system for the main antivirus program. So, this software will work best if you already have a main antivirus program and then you add this Smadav to deliver stronger and tougher protection. As a backup additional software, this program is able to deliver a good performance, especially when related to the scanning and checking of external devices. When used to check the flash drive, for instance, this software is claimed to deliver an efficient and fast result with minimum hassle and fuss.

Smadav 2019 Free Antivirus

So, what are the differences between the free Smadav 2020 Free Antivirus program and Smadav 2019 Pro? For a starter, the Pro has an auto-update ability that will run to the newer version. Generally, the software has a regular monthly update. If you choose the Pro, you won’t have to update your system manually. Moreover, since the system will do everything on its own automatically, you won’t see the upgrade offer on every startup happening to the system. Besides the automatic update and the ability to hide the message, there are also other additional features that you won’t be able to find on the free service. Such thing as Admin Password, Exception List, Protection Setting, Anti Ransomware, Changing Theme Colors, of App Tools Sections, will be found and included within the Pro version.

The Possible Downsides

Despite all of the greatest perks that you can enjoy from Smadav (whether it is the free service or the Pro), you should keep in mind that Smadav is only great as the additional program. If you are going to use it for the main antivirus program, be ready to face some challenges and even disappointments. Smadav is great only as a supporting program. If you are looking for an antivirus that can offer a full protection, I’m afraid that Smadav still lacks some of the most basic and most important features. But if you decide to use it as your main antivirus software, be prepared for the consequences as it may not be able to provide full protection and coverage.

Final Words

The decision to choose what kind of antivirus suitable for your needs totally depends on you. Which version to help you with your system’s protection and security also depends on your needs and personal preference. Some people may think that free Smadav program is already enough while some may think that they need more. If you want to gain the best benefits, perform a thorough and complete checking. Do your research. And then you can make a decision whether you want to stick with the free Smadav or the paid one.