Smadav 2019 Free Antivirus – Is It for You?

Smadav 2019 Free Antivirus

People are generally torn between using the free Smadav or Smadav Pro for their protection. Just so you know, Smadav Pro is the paid service of Smadav so you should expect improved performance and more complete features – at least when compared to the free service. The problem is now that people have a torn heart – which one should they choose, anyway?

Smadav 2019 Free vs Smadav 2019 Pro

The Basic Differences

Let’s talk about the features of Smadav software in general, shall we? This is an antivirus software that is used as the backup system for the main antivirus program. So, this software will work best if you already have a main antivirus program and then you add this Smadav to deliver stronger and tougher protection. As a backup additional software, this program is able to deliver a good performance, especially when related to the scanning and checking of external devices. When used to check the flash drive, for instance, this software is claimed to deliver an efficient and fast result with minimum hassle and fuss.

Smadav 2019 Free Antivirus

So, what are the differences between the free Smadav 2020 Free Antivirus program and Smadav 2019 Pro? For a starter, the Pro has an auto-update ability that will run to the newer version. Generally, the software has a regular monthly update. If you choose the Pro, you won’t have to update your system manually. Moreover, since the system will do everything on its own automatically, you won’t see the upgrade offer on every startup happening to the system. Besides the automatic update and the ability to hide the message, there are also other additional features that you won’t be able to find on the free service. Such thing as Admin Password, Exception List, Protection Setting, Anti Ransomware, Changing Theme Colors, of App Tools Sections, will be found and included within the Pro version.

The Possible Downsides

Despite all of the greatest perks that you can enjoy from Smadav (whether it is the free service or the Pro), you should keep in mind that Smadav is only great as the additional program. If you are going to use it for the main antivirus program, be ready to face some challenges and even disappointments. Smadav is great only as a supporting program. If you are looking for an antivirus that can offer a full protection, I’m afraid that Smadav still lacks some of the most basic and most important features. But if you decide to use it as your main antivirus software, be prepared for the consequences as it may not be able to provide full protection and coverage.

Final Words

The decision to choose what kind of antivirus suitable for your needs totally depends on you. Which version to help you with your system’s protection and security also depends on your needs and personal preference. Some people may think that free Smadav program is already enough while some may think that they need more. If you want to gain the best benefits, perform a thorough and complete checking. Do your research. And then you can make a decision whether you want to stick with the free Smadav or the paid one.

Video Editor App Without Watermark for Android

There are a number of video editing software available for Android, especially for those that we can get it for free like. Most of them have a watermark as a copyright symbol from the creator of the app. Thus, for those who want to make their own video without watermark in it feel a little disappointed. However, nowadays you can find video editor app without watermark for android, and also you can try online video editor no watermark.

Video Editor App Without Watermark for Android:


FilmoraGo offers all the primary functions of video editing like trimming, cutting, adding themes, music, and etc. Moreover, you can make videos for Instagram and Youtube, create reverse videos, add transitions, slow motion, and beautify your video. In addition, you can get all of the amazing features for free and save the videos in your gallery directly.

The watermark at the end of the video can be removed with the upgrade. Furthermore, for more features, you can purchase in-app. That’s why this app is considered as video editor app without watermark for android.


VideoShow is one of the best video editing apps for Android which is available in Play Store for free. It is reliable and easy to use. Apart from the primary functions of the video editor, you can also beautify your video by adding text, effects, and music. In addition, there are over 50 different themes available here, and you can also reduce the size by compressing it. Moreover, it supports almost all Android devices, such latest Samsung tablet.


Klipmix is an app where you can mix videos and photos with your favorite music to create your own video. It can handle various rotations of your recording that sometimes happens to be upside down. Moreover, you can also share your videos with your friends. In addition, it has many editor tools like video filters, transitions, slow motion, and others to make a great video. Klipmix has no watermark and you can get it free.


Splice is different from any other video editor app. It is aimed at people editing footage from the action camera where it will be useful for your Youtube video. It lets you import, trim and arrange video clips, add transitions, texts, filters titles and effects to make a video. Moreover, it also helps you to make a video without any advertisements nor watermark. Thus, I’ll say this as a video editor app without watermark for android.


Quik is another excellent video editor app which is perfect especially for the beginners. In addition, if you want a quick video without importing, rendering or others then this is what you need. It’s speed in making a video which is different from any other app, will not let you down. You can select your favorite photos or video clips to make your own stories in a great video. Furthermore, you can crop videos, add effects, texts and sync everything to your favorite music. Once you have completed your video, you can save it in 1080p or 720p.


Vidstitch is an intelligent and automagically video editor app to optimize your Instagram. It provides an easy way to combine stickers and special effects on movies and share them with friends. In addition, it combines photos and videos into one beautiful collage that you can also share in Instagram. Moreover, you can use a soundtrack to live your video and make it as the video editor app without watermark for android.

For your Instagram, now you don’t need to worry anymore. Go make a video and share it with your followers on Instagram. Moreover, make them jealous with this app that edits video without watermark, so you will look more expert than those who upload a video with a watermark.

Well, those all of the video editing apps that you can use for your Android. Now, the watermark will not worry you any more. You can create your own video without watermark in your Android. Now what? Go, download and try it then.

Why Can’t I Follow People on Instagram? [Answer]

You must have been questioning “Why Can’t I Follow People on Instagram?” when Instagram won’t let you follow some of your admired people, right? Yeah, it can be a big problem you want to solve particularly when you are crazy at going around social media.

Following people on Instagram means a way to get more followers. Vice versa, when you can’t follow people, it means no one can follow you, too. As simple as that. Thus, on this page, I am going to explain some possible causes to answer the question Why Can’t I Follow People on Instagram.

Why Can’t I Follow People on Instagram?

You Are May Be Blocked

The first cause why you can’t follow people on Instagram is that you are probably blocked. It doesn’t mean that people have blocked you but the Instagram did it. To know more about this, you must test by following a lot of people. Look at the following button. If it appears unselecting, it means that Instagram really blocks you.

Let’s come to the question “Why does Instagram block you?” Well, it is probably because you keep clicking the follow button although the message “You’re temporarily blocked” when you try to follow certain people. In this case, some people may protect their community from being followed by other people outside their community.

A Bug On The App

The second cause to answer Why Can’t I Follow People on Instagram is the possibility of a bug on the app. Although a bug is not a common reason why you can’t follow people, it happens, too. You can directly solve this problem by updating the app or restarting the device. It is very easy, isn’t it?

Following Lots of People In a Short Time

Never do something forcefully only in a short space of time. When you are firstly active on Instagram, I am sure you are likely to follow hundreds of people only in a short time. The usual limit to follow people is proximately 160 people at once. If you try to break the limit, Instagram is likely blocking you from following people.

To fix this problem, you need to stop following people for a couple of hours so that Instagram will allow you to follow more people again.

Old Instagram Account

Another reason why you can’t follow people on Instagram is that your account is old. Don’t forget t update every new version of Instagram in order to follow the latest version so that you will be enabled to do anything. Although your account might be old, you can keep following people if you keep updating the version, too.

Excessive Liking and Comment

The last but not least reason comes up from a question Why Can’t I Follow People on Instagram is the excessive liking and comment. Too many likes and comments make you feel like you are using a bot. thus, Instagram blocks you from following people.


All in all, there are at least 5 reasons for the question Why Can’t I Follow People on Instagram. Those 5 reasons seem like problems you must solve. However, you will be able to solve it along with the explanation of each part described above.

Check Out What Is FileHorse and What You Find There

Have you just bought a computer and want to do some installations? You must come to the term filehorse. What Is FileHorse? Before we go further about the topic, let me show you something leading us to the definition.

When you have just bought a new PC, you need actually to install some basic software as well as additional software. To support your computer performance related to your working action, that software must be well chosen from the trusted sources. Thus, you can find them exactly from the filehorse.

Move your finger and search what apps you want to download from filehorse. However, before starting to download the apps, you must read out the review to ensure you about each app whether or not you really need it. Herein, this article comes to review the term What Is FileHorse.

Check Out What Is FileHorse

File Horse Definition

Filehorse is defined as a new way of searching some new software to install on your PC and download them to get the best usage. Typically, the software provided is chosen from the latest version which is easy to pick up and serve you the best quality of software. When you have found what apps you want, you can directly download them at free from the filehorse.

Filehorse provides the apps especially for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS operating system. Filehorse aids the users to find and download the new-updated software you need.

Apps You Can Download

Now that you have known the exact definition of What Is FileHorse, we are going to share some apps you can download from the filehorse. There are basically divided into some categories to find the apps. Read out the chart about them below;

No. Category Apps you can download
1 Browser and plugin Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi, Silverlight, Java
2 Anti-spyware Malwarebytes, Zemana, HitmanPro, IObit Fighter, Spybot
3 MP3 and Audio Winamp, iTunes, SAM, Zortam Mp3, GOM Audio,
4 Messaging and Chat Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, ManyCam
5 Anti-virus AVG, Avira Pro, Avast, 360 Security
6 Video software VLC, KMPlayer, Action, Movavi Video
7 File-sharing uTorent, BitTorrent, qBittorent, Vuze
8 CD. DVD, Blue Ray DAEMON Lite, Nero, DVDFab, PowerDVD
9 File Transfer and Networking SHAREit, VSO Download, CloudMounter, IDM
10 Cleaning and Tweaking SystemCare, Disk Drill, Mechanic, CCleaner
11 Desktop Enhancement BlueStacks, Nox Player, Rainmeter, Start Menu 8
12 Office and Business tool Nitro Pro, PDFelement, Plagiarism
13 Compression and Back up WinZip, WinRar, PCmover
14 Imaging and Digital Photo PhotoMirage, Movavi Photo, Snap
15 Developer tools EmEditor, Mobirise, WYSIWYG,
16 Benchmarking 3DMark, AIDA64, Speccy
17 Drivers and Mobile Phones Driver Booster, DriverMax, ReiBoot

To find the apps easily, just go to your browser and search FileHorse. The page will appear on your screen completely. Look into the categories to make you easy finding the apps.


Overall, you may conclude that file horse is the way of finding some new updated software you need to install on your PC. After reading this short and brief article, I am sure you will not ask What Is FileHorse anymore.

How to Clear Clipboard on Android in 5 Smart Ways

How to Clear Clipboard on Android

For some people, it’s hard to find the best way to clear clipboard instantly. There have many sites explained how to manage the clipboard. But it doesn’t tell ways to clear the clipboard as plainly. The methods are still argued by many people, indeed. But it doesn’t mean there isn’t still any possible way to clear the clipboard.

It is true that there’s no agreement about how to clear clipboard on Android. But these five ways are just worth to try.

  • Apply The Common Method

First and foremost method worth to apply is the manual method. Needless to say, using the clipboard just as its nature is the most recommended way. Especially for a regular phone-user, who don’t concern too much about a trivial thing such as the clipboard.

When the clipboard used to copy a text, the previously copied text will be erased automatically. It is the basic feature of the clipboard. Let the user copy a new text without worrying about the former one. Despite the former texts are stored as caches, it would be cleared anyway when the phone is boosted.

  • Clear With The Clipboard Button

How to clear clipboard on Android with KitKat OS? Your phone will probably suit this. In fact, most 4.4 OS Android provides more advanced clipboard features, including management option. When the user holds the screen to paste text, an additional clipboard button will appear.

The previous version of clipboard just allows one shot copy-paste command. Conversely, the newest feature allows the user to choose which text it desires to paste. The clipboard will save all the copied texts for a particular period.

The problem ensued when it comes to clear the texts. Even if the feature is more advanced, the clipboard still needs manual deletion.

  • Explore The Phone Keyboard

Mostly this method works, particularly in Samsung. But it could be tried on other devices.

The first step to clear the clipboard is open up the keyboard on messages app. Secondly, hold for the keyboard screen to appear, and then click the setting button. Some options will come out, including the clipboard button. After clicking the button, the user could access all its previous copied texts. From here on, the users could manage its clipboard, either to add, lock, or delete the texts.

  • Erase Through The Phone Setting

This point shows you the easiest way how to clear clipboard on Android. Don’t want to be bothered by clipboard features and etc?

Just open the application management menu. It can be found on manual settings of the phone. After that, choose the application used to store the copied text. Open the application info. After finding its cache, click the erase button.

See? With this technique, the clipboard deletion could be done concisely. Not only the pasted text, but the users could also erase the trashed files altogether.

  • Use Special Applications

This technique can notably be said as best method how to clear clipboard on Android. Above all, this method doesn’t require the user to read tips on the internet or anything. Just open the applications store, write “clipboard clearer apps”, and the results will be right listed. For example, some best apps to clear the clipboard are Clip Stack, Clipboard Actions, and Copy Bubble.

It’s all the smart ways how to clear clipboard on Android. Regardless of its right-or-not validity, these methods give the Android users alternative ways to manage its texts. Keeping these in mind couldn’t be considered as a waste of time.

4 Best Video Cutter Apps for Android – Easy-To-Use!

Video Cutter Apps for Android

It is no longer a big surprise that your android smartphone can do a lot of things today. More features and apps enable you to deal with a lot of creative activities including video editing. In this case, downloading video cutter apps for Android is a good option especially when you like to post videos to the social media directly from your Android device.  For sure, there are a lot of applications that you can find and the fact may lead to confusion. Well, the following list contains our recommendation on Android apps that you can use for video cutting and more.

Best Video Cutter Apps for Android

Easy Video Cutter

As you can guess from its name, Easy Video Cutter is an easy-to-use video cutter app for Android that not only allows you to cut but compress and merge videos as well. Using this, you can also compress videos into GIF formats. You know, today it is a fun way to use GIFs in the social media especially when you want to give unique comments. Some of the key features of this app are the ability to adjust speed and control audio for perfect editing results.


Timbre is an app with a simple but attractive layout. This does not only provide you with video trimming but also audio editing. In addition, you can also cut and join audio clips as well by using this Android app. Focusing on the cut feature, you can simply select a video to edit and easily drag the slider to get the expected length of the video. Like the Easy Video Cutter, this is also one of the video cutter apps for Android that enables you to create GIF files.


In general, Vidtrim is a video editor that offers your similar features to the previous two. Like Timbre, this app is easy to use in which you just need to drag the slider in order to trim the video you have into the expected duration. This one also lets you select in milliseconds. Interestingly, you can check the preview of the video before you finish trimming. In addition, Vidtrim provides you with the details about the videos including the information of picture size, frame rate, audio and video codec, and the bitrate.


This video cutter app is simple but awesome especially regarding the speed. It means that you can edit your video easily in a relatively fast process of trimming. The best part, this app offers you several filters for your videos including natural, bright, vintage, and warm. You can also adjust the contrast, saturation, lightness, etc. by using this single app.

As stated previously, there are a lot more video cutter apps for Android that you can download from the Play Store. For sure, the best will depend on your specific needs. At least, the four recommendations that we provide on the list above give you some alternatives to choose especially when you think that you need to have one right away. For more useful pieces of information, don’t hesitate to keep visiting us. Thank you.

HP Envy Photo 6252 Review and Driver Download

HP Envy Photo 6252

Aimed at home user who wishes to buy an all-in-one printer that specializes in printing high-quality photos, HP Envy Photo 6252 is one of the options available on the market. For sure, photo printing is not the only great side of this multifunction printer because this model is also great for printing standard print tasks. The features offered are also great especially when it comes to its mobile printing capability.

Some Details about Envy Photo 6252

Well, HP Envy Photo 6252 is an inkjet printer that is capable of printing, scanning, and copying. As stated before, this printer is a good choice for printing photos at home easily and affordably. This model is also a good choice for standard printing tasks on regular basis as long as you use this one for light-duty tasks.

Envy Photo 6252 is relatively compact. This printer is equipped with a display from which you can operate the unit easily. This is also equipped with auto-duplexer. It means that you can automatically deal with two-sided documents easily.

One of the pros that this printer has is the twin input paper trays. The main input tray can hold up to 125 sheets of paper while the photo paper tray can deal with 15 sheets. The output tray has the maximum capacity of 25 sheets of paper only. You may think that the total capacity is limited, but this is still acceptable for a home printer.

The print output quality is awesome when it comes to photo printing. For sure, it is unfair to compare it to photo printer used by professional photographers. When it comes to standard printing tasks both in black and color, this printer is good enough. About the speed, well, this runs slower than other models. However, still, it is still a normal condition especially due to the fact that you do not to speed up when printing at your own home, do you?

The mobile printing is one thing that you will love. This printer supports HP ePrint, Apple AirPrint, Mopria, and Wireless Direct Printing. It means, you can simply connect your mobile devices to print the files you store inside, especially photos, easily.

Initial Setup – the printer driver

The initial setup of this printer is not that complicated especially when you have had the printer driver you need to make it function well. There are some methods that you can try to install the driver of the printer. The first, you can use the CD installation driver. Next, you can go online to get the printer driver software directly from HP. The last one, you can also simply download the driver software on the internet to be installed.

The Office Software Application That You Must Know

There is so many office jobs that we must do every day such as making financial data, making letters,  and also making presentations by using the computer. Surely what will happen to us will use Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and also Microsoft PowerPoint. But did you know that there is so many office application software that will make your office job come easier? You may download them in FileHippo.

Kingsoft Office

Kingsoft Office is usually known with the name WPS Office that one of the products from software developer from China. This application software created in 2002. The features and appearance are designed similarly with Microsoft Office. since the WPS Office Storm 2005, this application is supported by Microsoft Office format in 2000-2003 formats of the document. You don’t need to take much practice and time to use this application software, this application includes Kingsoft Office 2007 Personal, Kingsoft Presentation, and also Kingsoft Spreadsheets.

The excellence of this application is The Kingsoft Office 2007 has a small installer file size, that less than 50 MB. So this application can be run on Windows Vista and may be used in older computers. This application also has the advantage that a built-in feature to save and export the documents in the format of PDF.

SSuite Office Application

Another alternative application for Microsoft Office but no need pay a.k.a free of license is SSuite office application. This application has the function that almost same with Microsoft Office that use to do the office work, such as editing data or create documents. The advantage of this application is that the users no need to install the Net Framework or JavaScript. Without this applications, so you may use the SSuite office application to help your work. This application also compatible with other applications that found on your desktop that can be quite good. You may download it in FileHippo.

Corel WordPerfect Office X4

This application software offers powerful software packages and some features like in Microsoft Office, the users may open OOXML file, more than 60 file formats, and save the file in a different format. This edition of Corel WordPerfect Office X4 including lightning for notes, WordPerfect for text, Quattro Pro for spreadsheets, Presentations Graphic editors, and mail.

Even this application is quite expensive, but there are some advantages that you can get. In this application software, you will find the spreadsheet, Word processing, note-taking, email, support for more than 60 file formats, graphical applications, has the capability to handling PDFs like OCR in PDF, and also the powerful tool for big documents. But for you those who usually use the Microsoft Office 2007, you may feel difficult to use this application software.


Koffice is one of the applications for office work that has the package for the K Desktop Environment. This all of the components are realized with an open source license. If you use this application software, so you may find the Kword as the word processor. Kspread as the processing of the number or spreadsheet. Kpresenter that the application to process the presentation. Karbon 14 is the processor of the vector image that has the concept as like as Microsoft Office 2007. The differences are that Koffice installs the toolbar on the left or right of the documents.  The applications menu just a few and nicely arranged. You will be amazed when you open for the first time and run this application. Koffice itself may use the ODF format file to save file, so it’s similar to LibreOffice or Open Office. You may download it in FileHippo.

Celframe Office

This kind of package application software offers the complete programs that you need to make your job easier. Starting from the needs of making data, typing documents,  email, and make the photo album has been provided by this package. There are 10 programs that you will find in this package such as Office Spreadsheet 2008. Celframe Office Write 2008, Office Power Presentation 2008, Office Draw 2008, Office Studio 2008, Office Data Access 2008, Office Note Maker 2008, Office Photo Album 2008, and also Office Publisher 2008.

You can do all you need about the program to manage documents, data, and email by using this application software. These features are also easy to use. One of the interesting programs is Celframe Office Photo Album. You may download it in FileHippo File.

The Useful Of Ergonomic Keyboard For Your Work

Have you ever worked all night that use a computer to working your job in the office or you need to complete the homework for your study? I believe that after the long activities in front of the computer, your body will feel not comfort, back pain, tension in your eyes, tired fingers, and few cramps in your arms. If this happened not in every day, so it might be no problem. But how if it happens every day, that you must work all the time in front of a computer? It will cause the serious long-term injury.

The Injury By Using Computer All The Time

One the injury that commonly happened for some people by using the computer for a long time is repetitive strain injury. This injury is the conditions of involving pain in hand or arm that caused by repetitive activity. It may cause by clicking the mouse or type on the keyboard. If this injury does not get well it will be more severe become Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

This syndrome includes tingling, numbness, and the burning sensations in the finger. This serious condition often needs more long time to heal. There is no specific evidence to prove the cause of this syndrome but from the general review by the sufferers, this syndrome caused by the long working hours on the computer.

What Is Ergonomic Keyboard?

Ergonomic is the study of the interactions between other elements of the system with humans, it usually related to the workplace. If this system applied to the computer, so this system related to your chair, the height of your desk, the distance between you and the monitor, and the type of the chair that you use. For the comfortable to use the computer, this ergonomic system will design the computer system that easy to use and make less strain of your body. There are two types of mouse and keyboard that use the ergonomic system.

The Ergonomic Keyboard

the type of keyboard that usually used by some people consists of a rectangle with buttons that placed in a straight row. This form is not natural because it brings your hands together in front of you. The ergonomic keyboard is usually designed with the form of V shape. It makes more natural and makes you possible to type a little tilt. This can reduce the tension of muscle and another related injury.

Another type of keyboard, break the keyboard into two parts, one for each hand. With this design, so you no need to make more movements on your hand and fingers. Maybe you will feel strange to get use this kind of keyboard if you often used the regular keyboard.

By the long hours of working on a computer, it can cause the muscle tension injury. The ergonomic keyboard is designed with more comfort form that can reduce the tension of muscle. This is mostly a matter of personal preference, and you need to find out what is most comfortable for you. You need to consider the computer devices that will make your work more comfortable.

The Kind Of Viruses That May Damage Your PC


Not only can make the loss of important documents or files, the viruses may make your PC error and even worse, even damage. The bad effects that caused by viruses greatly interfere with the performance of the computer, as well as can inhibit our activities to use the computer, such as when working on job and etc. In addition, the danger of computer viruses is that can be produced themselves automatically and attack the computer system that important without being detected before.


Trojan is one of the types of computer viruses that created for stealing data and even can be used to control the data that is on the victim’s computer. This virus itself usually appears via the internet and also emails that received by the users. Through the media, the Trojan also infected the computer. So, you must to be careful when accessing the internet or open the email. Because this virus can steal the valuable data or information on your computer.

If we see this work of a virus, the Trojan itself is actually not a type of virus, but because the character of Trojan disrupts the performance of the computer, so many people classify it as one type of computer virus. How the way to clean the computer from Trojan virus? To kill this kind of virus you may use the antivirus software such as Trojan Hunter and Trojan Remover. This antivirus software is specified to kill the Trojan virus.

Memory Resident Virus

This another kind of virus is Memory Resident Virus. This type is created to infect RAM memory. So the effects of this virus will interfere with the programs of computer and even can make your computer will be slower than usual. The Memory Resident Virus will activate automatically when your computer’s operating system is turned on. To anticipate this kind of virus, you may use the antivirus software such as Avast, Avira, Smadav, and etc.

Web Scripting Virus

This kind of interference that usually happened in a computer is a Web Scripting Virus. This interference is actually not a virus, but is a code of the program that is used to operate the content that is on the website, why we can classify into a virus? Because of the Web Scripting often interference the programs of the computer, that is what makes it classified as one of the viruses. So, how to prevent this kind of virus? You may do routine cleaning your system of a computer with Microsoft default windows tools or other antivirus software application.


Even this kind of virus is not too dangerous, but if it is left continuously, this virus can make your storage on your computer will full very quickly. Because this Worm itself is the kind of virus that has the capability to replicate themselves. So, you cannot let this kind of viruses to stay on your computer for a long time. Besides that problem, this virus also can infect the computer users via email and internet networks, as well as Trojan. How to prevent this virus to your computer is you may use the Antivirus Pro in order to get more optimal results.

FAT Virus

File Allocation Table virus or FAT virus is the kind of virus of the computer that has the ability to damage your files on the computer. Besides that, this virus has the ability to hide various important files easily. So that infected files will be lost or has been deleted. Of course, it will make you so loss if your important file deleted. To prevent this kind of virus, you cannot use the antivirus software. You just need to pay attention to the files that you never made before.