HP Laserjet Pro M501dn

HP offered many kinds of laserjet printer. Every design has its own interesting feature. HP Laserjet Pro M501dn is one of the affordable offices printer with some awesome feature. Here are 6 great things included in this printer.

HP Laserjet Pro M501dn Features

  1. Automatic Duplex

Duplex printing is important to print a book. Automatic duplex printing can help the user to do the two-sided printing without flipping it manually.

This printer can print duplex pages automatically because there is a flip system inside. So, paper from the input tray will print the first side. Then, the printer will flip it and print another side.

  1. Maximum Duty Up To 100.000

This printer is so durable. HP claimed that HP Laserjet Pro M501dn can afford up to 100.000 pages per month as a maximum duty.

But the toner still in normal size. And it’s only can print 6000 pages per toner. So if the user wants to do the print until 100.000 pages they must replace the toner frequently.

  1. Printing in 45 ppm

This laser printer also provides a fast printing feature. In a normal mode, HP Laserjet Pro M501dn has speed until 45 ppm.

Further, if this printer is in sleep mode, a page can print in 7,3 seconds without touching the power button. It is pretty fast if compared to another laserjet printer.

  1. Compatible For Windows And Mac OS

This printer is also compatible with all windows operating system. From Windows XP until Windows 10. But the computer must have a minimum of 1 GB memory left.

Besides that, HP Laserjet Pro M501dn also compatible with any Mac OS. It will make them easy to use the printer. Because if it becomes an office’s printer, there might be a few workers that use a different operating system. With this printer, all workers can print easily.

HP Laserjet Pro M501dn Ink Toner

  1. Wired And Wireless Connection

The fifth good things about this printer are that it has a wired and wireless connection. The wired options are using the USB cable. But in some country, the USB cable is sold separately.

Then the wireless connection will make the print job easier because of user don’t need to come near the printer and do the printing job. They just need to print from their desk by computer or phone.

  1. Additional Trays

The sixth feature is that the HP Laserjet Pro M501dn printer can use additional trays. Each tray can hold 550 pages. If a user needs more paper to do the print job, they can buy additional trays separately.

This tray can simplify the printing job. Because the user can print more than 600 pages without inserting some papers frequently.

Basically, the 6 things above can show that this printer is worth to buy. Further, the price is affordable and has a good feature too. It’s suitable for an office which needs fast printing for the black and white document.

Although HP Laserjet Pro M501dn has a big size, this will not be a big problem. Because the user doesn’t need to move it frequently. Then the size of the printer is depending on the additional trays that attach to them.

Doing the print job with this printer is easy and so flexible. Simply install the driver on the computer.  Download the apps for Android or iOS if the user wants to print directly from their phone.