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How To Fix File Explorer Not Responding In Windows 10

File Explorer Not Responding in Windows 10

Ever experience on a not responding File Explorer on Windows 10? Not only it is frustrating but also it could waste time. File Explorer is an important tool to access folders and files on the computer. To open the File Explorer, one of the user shells in Windows is the explorer.exe. File Explorer not responding in Windows 10 is a normal thing that could happen and there are several ways to fix it.

The explorer.exe is not only for File Explorer but it could also run the taskbar, the desktop, and other features. If the File Explorer is not responding, the other features would usually not respond as well. The simplest thing to do is restarting. Moreover, people would not have to worry about the negative impact of it. However, there are also other ways to fix it. So, here are the options on how to fix the File Explorer not responding in Windows 10.

Fix File Explorer Not Responding In Windows 10

1. Restarting in Task Manager

Restart File Explorer

The first and easiest way to restart the File Explorer is by using the task manager. People could use this option when the windows are still responsive. People could click right on the taskbar and then click on the Task Manager. Once it is open, click on the task manager option and choose the “More Details” option. The next to do is click on the “Processes” tab on the right top and then choose the Windows Explorer option. After that click the Restart button on the bottom right.

2. Restart with System File Checker Scan

File Explorer not responding Windows 10 might be because of some corrupted files on the drive. Another solution that people could do is by using the system file checker scan. The first step is by inserting the cmd to Windows 10 search box. After that, click right on the on it and click “Run as Administrator”. Then type on sfc/scannow and enter on the keyboard. Once it is down, restart the computer.

3. Clear the File Explorer’s History

The next thing that people could do is clear the File Explorer history. Open the control panel on the windows then find the “File Explorer Options”. When it is open, choose the clear button near the clear explorer history and click OK. When it is done, open the File Explorer again.

4. Update Windows 10

Another reason why File Explorer is not responding in Windows 10 is that it is not in the latest version. That is why people need to update it. The first step is to click right on the Start Menu and click on the Setting. After that, click on the Update & security option. The next thing to do is choose the Windows Update and check for updates. The Windows 10 then would install the latest version

5. Change the Display Setting

Another option to fix the not responding File Explorer is by changing the display setting. Click on the Start button, and then choose the settings option and then the system button. After that, try to change the size of the text to a different size. After that, check again on the File Explorer.

When people are facing a File Explorer not responding in Windows 10, people would often restart their computers or laptop. However, there are simpler ways to fix the problem. Hopefully, these options could help people to fix the not responding file.

How To Fix svchost.exe In High CPU Usage


svchost.exe is a service host or svchost. This system process can host many Windows services. Moreover, one svchost could run several related network services. This is different from other services that only run related remote procedure calls.

Control panel needs a lot of services if you have ever looked at the services section. Thus, all of Windows could bring down if there is a failure in one service.

How To Fix svchost.exe

There are several ways to fix the problem as follow.

  • Diagnose And Troubleshoot Windows Update Issues

The update sometimes can cause trouble, service host for example. It’s because of the corruption during the update’s process. Therefore, diagnosing and troubleshooting windows update is the answer. This way will help to know where the problem actually is.

  • Clear The Event Viewer Log

Clearing the event viewer log helps to fix the svchost.exe high memory or CPU usage. There are several steps to do this. First, open run dialog by pressing Windows and R on the keyboard. Then, type “eventvwr” in the run dialog. After that, press enter.

Click to expand sub items in Windows Logs in the Event Viewer. Then, give a right click on the application to select Clear Log. After that, clean up Security Setup and System log using the same way. At last, restart the computer.

  • Scan Computer For Malware Or A Virus

Virus Computer

Some might say that svchost is a virus. Whereas, if there’s a virus on a computer, a service host will use more memory resources. Therefore, svchost is not a virus or malware. However, it will come up and use more memory resources if there is a virus/malware.

It’s better to do a full scan in your computer before diagnosing service host. It’s to make you not interfere with the virus. In addition, you could remove malware with RogueKiller or AdwCleaner.

  • Uninstall Unused Apps

One way to fix this problem is by uninstalling some unused apps. It’s because more apps in the computer are more likely performing an update using service host. Moreover, those apps are also performing maintenance that interferes with svchost.exe.

There are some steps to uninstall those unused apps. Firstly, go to the control panel section. Then, choose the uninstall program in the programs menu. After that, choose some applications you don’t use and click the uninstall button. With this easy step, you don’t need to worry about your problem anymore.

  • Run A System File To Repair The Windows

Another way to fix a service host is with running a system file. This way could help to repair the windows files that might get a corruption. A corrupt file can cause some problem and this problem is one of them. There are several steps to follow.

First, open a dialog by pressing Windows and X on the keyboard. Then, select “Windows PowerShell (Admin).” After that, a menu will appear and we need to choose “Yes” to make changes. Then, type “sfc/scannow” and press enter. After scanning, type “RepairWindowsImage-RestoreHealth” then enter. Wait and restart after it finishes.

Those all a brief explanation about how to fix svchost.exe. Those five ways could help you to fix the problem and not to worry anymore. Therefore, check the problem when you find many service host comes up.

How to Clear Clipboard on Android in 5 Smart Ways

How to Clear Clipboard on Android

For some people, it’s hard to find the best way to clear clipboard instantly. There have many sites explained how to manage the clipboard. But it doesn’t tell ways to clear the clipboard as plainly. The methods are still argued by many people, indeed. But it doesn’t mean there isn’t still any possible way to clear the clipboard.

It is true that there’s no agreement about how to clear clipboard on Android. But these five ways are just worth to try.

  • Apply The Common Method

First and foremost method worth to apply is the manual method. Needless to say, using the clipboard just as its nature is the most recommended way. Especially for a regular phone-user, who don’t concern too much about a trivial thing such as the clipboard.

When the clipboard used to copy a text, the previously copied text will be erased automatically. It is the basic feature of the clipboard. Let the user copy a new text without worrying about the former one. Despite the former texts are stored as caches, it would be cleared anyway when the phone is boosted.

  • Clear With The Clipboard Button

How to clear clipboard on Android with KitKat OS? Your phone will probably suit this. In fact, most 4.4 OS Android provides more advanced clipboard features, including management option. When the user holds the screen to paste text, an additional clipboard button will appear.

The previous version of clipboard just allows one shot copy-paste command. Conversely, the newest feature allows the user to choose which text it desires to paste. The clipboard will save all the copied texts for a particular period.

The problem ensued when it comes to clear the texts. Even if the feature is more advanced, the clipboard still needs manual deletion.

  • Explore The Phone Keyboard

Mostly this method works, particularly in Samsung. But it could be tried on other devices.

The first step to clear the clipboard is open up the keyboard on messages app. Secondly, hold for the keyboard screen to appear, and then click the setting button. Some options will come out, including the clipboard button. After clicking the button, the user could access all its previous copied texts. From here on, the users could manage its clipboard, either to add, lock, or delete the texts.

  • Erase Through The Phone Setting

This point shows you the easiest way how to clear clipboard on Android. Don’t want to be bothered by clipboard features and etc?

Just open the application management menu. It can be found on manual settings of the phone. After that, choose the application used to store the copied text. Open the application info. After finding its cache, click the erase button.

See? With this technique, the clipboard deletion could be done concisely. Not only the pasted text, but the users could also erase the trashed files altogether.

  • Use Special Applications

This technique can notably be said as best method how to clear clipboard on Android. Above all, this method doesn’t require the user to read tips on the internet or anything. Just open the applications store, write “clipboard clearer apps”, and the results will be right listed. For example, some best apps to clear the clipboard are Clip Stack, Clipboard Actions, and Copy Bubble.

It’s all the smart ways how to clear clipboard on Android. Regardless of its right-or-not validity, these methods give the Android users alternative ways to manage its texts. Keeping these in mind couldn’t be considered as a waste of time.