It is no longer a big surprise that your android smartphone can do a lot of things today. More features and apps enable you to deal with a lot of creative activities including video editing. In this case, downloading video cutter apps for Android is a good option especially when you like to post videos to the social media directly from your Android device.  For sure, there are a lot of applications that you can find and the fact may lead to confusion. Well, the following list contains our recommendation on Android apps that you can use for video cutting and more.

Best Video Cutter Apps for Android

Easy Video Cutter

As you can guess from its name, Easy Video Cutter is an easy-to-use video cutter app for Android that not only allows you to cut but compress and merge videos as well. Using this, you can also compress videos into GIF formats. You know, today it is a fun way to use GIFs in the social media especially when you want to give unique comments. Some of the key features of this app are the ability to adjust speed and control audio for perfect editing results.


Timbre is an app with a simple but attractive layout. This does not only provide you with video trimming but also audio editing. In addition, you can also cut and join audio clips as well by using this Android app. Focusing on the cut feature, you can simply select a video to edit and easily drag the slider to get the expected length of the video. Like the Easy Video Cutter, this is also one of the video cutter apps for Android that enables you to create GIF files.


In general, Vidtrim is a video editor that offers your similar features to the previous two. Like Timbre, this app is easy to use in which you just need to drag the slider in order to trim the video you have into the expected duration. This one also lets you select in milliseconds. Interestingly, you can check the preview of the video before you finish trimming. In addition, Vidtrim provides you with the details about the videos including the information of picture size, frame rate, audio and video codec, and the bitrate.


This video cutter app is simple but awesome especially regarding the speed. It means that you can edit your video easily in a relatively fast process of trimming. The best part, this app offers you several filters for your videos including natural, bright, vintage, and warm. You can also adjust the contrast, saturation, lightness, etc. by using this single app.

As stated previously, there are a lot more video cutter apps for Android that you can download from the Play Store. For sure, the best will depend on your specific needs. At least, the four recommendations that we provide on the list above give you some alternatives to choose especially when you think that you need to have one right away. For more useful pieces of information, don’t hesitate to keep visiting us. Thank you.