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The Office Software Application That You Must Know

There is so many office jobs that we must do every day such as making financial data, making letters,  and also making presentations by using the computer. Surely what will happen to us will use Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and also Microsoft PowerPoint. But did you know that there is so many office application software that will make your office job come easier? You may download them in FileHippo.

Kingsoft Office

Kingsoft Office is usually known with the name WPS Office that one of the products from software developer from China. This application software created in 2002. The features and appearance are designed similarly with Microsoft Office. since the WPS Office Storm 2005, this application is supported by Microsoft Office format in 2000-2003 formats of the document. You don’t need to take much practice and time to use this application software, this application includes Kingsoft Office 2007 Personal, Kingsoft Presentation, and also Kingsoft Spreadsheets.

The excellence of this application is The Kingsoft Office 2007 has a small installer file size, that less than 50 MB. So this application can be run on Windows Vista and may be used in older computers. This application also has the advantage that a built-in feature to save and export the documents in the format of PDF.

SSuite Office Application

Another alternative application for Microsoft Office but no need pay a.k.a free of license is SSuite office application. This application has the function that almost same with Microsoft Office that use to do the office work, such as editing data or create documents. The advantage of this application is that the users no need to install the Net Framework or JavaScript. Without this applications, so you may use the SSuite office application to help your work. This application also compatible with other applications that found on your desktop that can be quite good. You may download it in FileHippo.

Corel WordPerfect Office X4

This application software offers powerful software packages and some features like in Microsoft Office, the users may open OOXML file, more than 60 file formats, and save the file in a different format. This edition of Corel WordPerfect Office X4 including lightning for notes, WordPerfect for text, Quattro Pro for spreadsheets, Presentations Graphic editors, and mail.

Even this application is quite expensive, but there are some advantages that you can get. In this application software, you will find the spreadsheet, Word processing, note-taking, email, support for more than 60 file formats, graphical applications, has the capability to handling PDFs like OCR in PDF, and also the powerful tool for big documents. But for you those who usually use the Microsoft Office 2007, you may feel difficult to use this application software.


Koffice is one of the applications for office work that has the package for the K Desktop Environment. This all of the components are realized with an open source license. If you use this application software, so you may find the Kword as the word processor. Kspread as the processing of the number or spreadsheet. Kpresenter that the application to process the presentation. Karbon 14 is the processor of the vector image that has the concept as like as Microsoft Office 2007. The differences are that Koffice installs the toolbar on the left or right of the documents.  The applications menu just a few and nicely arranged. You will be amazed when you open for the first time and run this application. Koffice itself may use the ODF format file to save file, so it’s similar to LibreOffice or Open Office. You may download it in FileHippo.

Celframe Office

This kind of package application software offers the complete programs that you need to make your job easier. Starting from the needs of making data, typing documents,  email, and make the photo album has been provided by this package. There are 10 programs that you will find in this package such as Office Spreadsheet 2008. Celframe Office Write 2008, Office Power Presentation 2008, Office Draw 2008, Office Studio 2008, Office Data Access 2008, Office Note Maker 2008, Office Photo Album 2008, and also Office Publisher 2008.

You can do all you need about the program to manage documents, data, and email by using this application software. These features are also easy to use. One of the interesting programs is Celframe Office Photo Album. You may download it in FileHippo File.

The Useful Of Ergonomic Keyboard For Your Work

Have you ever worked all night that use a computer to working your job in the office or you need to complete the homework for your study? I believe that after the long activities in front of the computer, your body will feel not comfort, back pain, tension in your eyes, tired fingers, and few cramps in your arms. If this happened not in every day, so it might be no problem. But how if it happens every day, that you must work all the time in front of a computer? It will cause the serious long-term injury.

The Injury By Using Computer All The Time

One the injury that commonly happened for some people by using the computer for a long time is repetitive strain injury. This injury is the conditions of involving pain in hand or arm that caused by repetitive activity. It may cause by clicking the mouse or type on the keyboard. If this injury does not get well it will be more severe become Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

This syndrome includes tingling, numbness, and the burning sensations in the finger. This serious condition often needs more long time to heal. There is no specific evidence to prove the cause of this syndrome but from the general review by the sufferers, this syndrome caused by the long working hours on the computer.

What Is Ergonomic Keyboard?

Ergonomic is the study of the interactions between other elements of the system with humans, it usually related to the workplace. If this system applied to the computer, so this system related to your chair, the height of your desk, the distance between you and the monitor, and the type of the chair that you use. For the comfortable to use the computer, this ergonomic system will design the computer system that easy to use and make less strain of your body. There are two types of mouse and keyboard that use the ergonomic system.

The Ergonomic Keyboard

the type of keyboard that usually used by some people consists of a rectangle with buttons that placed in a straight row. This form is not natural because it brings your hands together in front of you. The ergonomic keyboard is usually designed with the form of V shape. It makes more natural and makes you possible to type a little tilt. This can reduce the tension of muscle and another related injury.

Another type of keyboard, break the keyboard into two parts, one for each hand. With this design, so you no need to make more movements on your hand and fingers. Maybe you will feel strange to get use this kind of keyboard if you often used the regular keyboard.

By the long hours of working on a computer, it can cause the muscle tension injury. The ergonomic keyboard is designed with more comfort form that can reduce the tension of muscle. This is mostly a matter of personal preference, and you need to find out what is most comfortable for you. You need to consider the computer devices that will make your work more comfortable.

The Kind Of Viruses That May Damage Your PC


Not only can make the loss of important documents or files, the viruses may make your PC error and even worse, even damage. The bad effects that caused by viruses greatly interfere with the performance of the computer, as well as can inhibit our activities to use the computer, such as when working on job and etc. In addition, the danger of computer viruses is that can be produced themselves automatically and attack the computer system that important without being detected before.


Trojan is one of the types of computer viruses that created for stealing data and even can be used to control the data that is on the victim’s computer. This virus itself usually appears via the internet and also emails that received by the users. Through the media, the Trojan also infected the computer. So, you must to be careful when accessing the internet or open the email. Because this virus can steal the valuable data or information on your computer.

If we see this work of a virus, the Trojan itself is actually not a type of virus, but because the character of Trojan disrupts the performance of the computer, so many people classify it as one type of computer virus. How the way to clean the computer from Trojan virus? To kill this kind of virus you may use the antivirus software such as Trojan Hunter and Trojan Remover. This antivirus software is specified to kill the Trojan virus.

Memory Resident Virus

This another kind of virus is Memory Resident Virus. This type is created to infect RAM memory. So the effects of this virus will interfere with the programs of computer and even can make your computer will be slower than usual. The Memory Resident Virus will activate automatically when your computer’s operating system is turned on. To anticipate this kind of virus, you may use the antivirus software such as Avast, Avira, Smadav, and etc.

Web Scripting Virus

This kind of interference that usually happened in a computer is a Web Scripting Virus. This interference is actually not a virus, but is a code of the program that is used to operate the content that is on the website, why we can classify into a virus? Because of the Web Scripting often interference the programs of the computer, that is what makes it classified as one of the viruses. So, how to prevent this kind of virus? You may do routine cleaning your system of a computer with Microsoft default windows tools or other antivirus software application.


Even this kind of virus is not too dangerous, but if it is left continuously, this virus can make your storage on your computer will full very quickly. Because this Worm itself is the kind of virus that has the capability to replicate themselves. So, you cannot let this kind of viruses to stay on your computer for a long time. Besides that problem, this virus also can infect the computer users via email and internet networks, as well as Trojan. How to prevent this virus to your computer is you may use the Antivirus Pro in order to get more optimal results.

FAT Virus

File Allocation Table virus or FAT virus is the kind of virus of the computer that has the ability to damage your files on the computer. Besides that, this virus has the ability to hide various important files easily. So that infected files will be lost or has been deleted. Of course, it will make you so loss if your important file deleted. To prevent this kind of virus, you cannot use the antivirus software. You just need to pay attention to the files that you never made before.


What Is The Function Of Ergonomic Chair?


The work chairs created just because of the work needs of workers that they must sit all the day and do their job. In the 1800s work chair still be used from standard materials, for the manufacturing process it is also easier to make ordinary chair furniture. Then after the work needs an increase, then the need for comfort work chair is also increasing. The chair that has modern styles is popularized by the scientist Charles Darwin which make a set of the wheel in a chair that uses the experimental materials. That wheel features support the users to do the job more quickly and comfortably.

The Development Of Work Chair

Years to years the need of work chair innovation is more increase. Because of the time of work that more long and the job that too much, make the workers need a more comfy chair. Especially the executive lounge that usually uses the form of a chair that can’t move and straight back, but nowadays the dimensions of that chair are more large and wide and more ergonomic with use seat cushion.

Time over time the work chair designs began to better supported and adapted for the body of users, like the comfort work chair that we often use today, even at that time the work chair only have the features just can be adjustable to manage the height of the seat. One of the first company that created the work chair in Germany is Sedus. This company was established in 1871 in Waldshut. In around 1925, in Europe, it began a development of features of the adjustable work chair in additions of spring to the seat that can make it more comfortable. In 1930, the function of the work seat began to be more sophisticated with features that can be spinning 180 degrees.

The Kind Of Ergonomic Chair

The computer chair is designed to be more comfortable to use and can manage all the times. Usually, this adjustable features backrest and seat, swivel and wheels are coated with cushion for comfort. The same seat can be used to the different people. For this reason, the function of this chair is very important, because in the office is many of workers.

The executive chairs usually have the best upholstery and have a headrest or high back. This kind of chair usually has the characteristics that coating by leather material, but now some of the executive chair use membrane or mesh material.

Mesh chair is the unique form of work chair that use transparent holes or mesh as the material of the seat and back. The function of this material is to ensure the air can flow so it doesn’t feel hot when the weather is hot. And it will make you more comfortable.

To choose the comfortable ergonomic chair, so you may choose the ranging of height for 17-22 inches from the floor and must be adjustable by the user. The depth and width are 18-21 inches with the depth between 3-5 inches. The ergonomic chair should have a waist support that suit for each user needs as well. This ergonomic chair also must have the backrest that the width between 13-20 inches. Tha material of seat must be breath that has ar circulation support, so it will make you still comfort even in the hot weathers.

To make you feel more comfortable, this chair is also must be rotated with swivel support of the chair. You can rotate it easily so if you want to reach something in your desk office, you no need to stretch your body too much that can cause the trigger injury.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Some Video Editing Applications

If you are the Youtuber or vlogger, I believe that you know about video editing software. There is so many video editing software that has advantages and disadvantages of each. After you know the advantages and disadvantages of some video editing applications, you can choose the best application to create the amazing videos.

Adobe Priemere

Surely you are familiar with this kind of video editing application. You no need to doubt with this kind of application that produce by Adobe. In this application, not only available the video editing, graphic designs, and also magazine editing applications and etc. Even Adobe is popular and no need doubt about the features, but this application also has the weaknesses and strengths. For those of you who like the video editing, so you need to know the advantages and the disadvantages of this applications.

The advantage of this application is, this application can make the screen videos from camcorder, but you must connect to the laptop or PC. You may easy to make a title on your video. And not only give the title, you may also make the variety timeline. This variety of timeline is possible for you to make 99 columns. There is a built-in explorer feature that can be sued for managing files and browsing. You may use the interface preview on the editing process. For the better quality video, you may use the accuracy of time around 0.01 seconds. In this application also available media encoder and feature to autosave the project. This application also has some effects to make your video more interesting.

If you want to use this application. So you will find a few tutorials or guide. So you may a little bit feel confused to use it. This application also will take a lot of storage or space on your hard drive laptop or computer. You may also not able to use this application, because it needs quite a large space that not available for all types of laptop. You may not see the preview in full screen. To save the edited video you need to through the rendering process.

Windows Movie Maker

The next application that you can use to edit the video is Windows Movie Maker. You may see the results of video editing through CD or Windows Media Player. You will easy to understand to use this application because the features are easy to use. You may give the dissolve and fade between the clips to make the interesting effects. You also may give the voice narration, background music, and the sounds effects. To save this edited video you can directly save yo the computer.

If you use this application to edit the video you may find the problems such as not responding problem when saving, importing, and exporting. When the process is still run, that program often close itself. The feature to fixed the editing video is often lacking. If you use the Windows 7 on your laptop, so you can not use this application. Because this application is not suitable for the Windows 7.

This Is The Latest Samsung Tablet That You Can Choose

Samsung is the one of the gadget company that always make a new product of smartphone including a tablet. Even it’s not as much the other companies but the tablet made by Samsung is always can make the people interest. Those are because of the quality and features that are always created in its flagship companies. Some of the tablets that produced by Samsung have features that can make your activity come easy. So this is the latest Samsung tablet that can be your option.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2017) is the latest Samsung table that provided with a chipset Snapdragon 425. This chipset is supported with 2 GB RAM that is quite decent for multitasking. This chipset carries a quad-core Cortex-A53 1.4 GHz that is supported by processor Andreno 510 graphics. This tablet has a large battery capacity that is quite reasonable considering that this tablet has a screen with 800 x 1280 pixels resolutions and comes with a large capacity of 5000 mAh Li-Ion battery. This tablet also has a 5 MP front camera and 8 MP back camera. This tablet provided by 16 GB storage of memory, so if you want to more big capacity, you can add the external memory.

Samsung Galaxy Tab J

Another type tablet of Samsung is Samsung Galaxy J. Even it includes the middle low market but this type is currently worth to you. This tablet provided with Spreadtrum power SC8830, with Quad Core system 1.5 GHz, and combined with graphics processor Mali 400 MP2 GPU. This Samsung Galaxy Tab J also provided with RAM as big as 1.5 GB and 8 GB ROM. And if you feel not enough with this capacity, you can add the external memory until 256 GB. This tablet also facilitated with the resolution of the front camera 2 MP and resolution of the main camera as big as 8 MP. You just need less than 2,5 million IDR to get this tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7

This tablet that was released in 2017 provided with 9.7 inches screen and have the power of Snapdragon 820. This tablet also has 2 x 2.15 Quad Core and Adreno 530 as the graphics processor. You may save the data until 4 GB in RAM and also 32 GB for ROM. For the quality of the camera, this tablet provided the front camera with the resolution 5 MP and the resolution of main camera 13 MP. With this good quality of camera you may take good pictures, so if you need more storage memory, you can add the external memory until 256 GB.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

if you do not feel enough with 1.5 GB RAM, so you can choose this latest type of Samsung tablet. This Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 has two versions of RAM that are 3 GB and 2 GB. And not only that this tablet provided Exynos 7870 Soc, GPU with Mali-T830 MP2, Octa Core with 4×1,6 GHz. The storage memory up to 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB ROM. And if you choose the 3 GB RAM you get 32 GB ROM.

Not only that you may add the external memory until 256 GB. If you choose this tablet you will get the camera with the resolution of the main camera as big as 8 MP and MP2 for the front camera. This tablet also provided by 7300 mAh battery. You only need to spend money around 4 million IDR.

By reading the review above, maybe you will be able to give the inspiration to choose the best Samsung tablet. You may choose according to your budget and your needs.