The Office Software Application That You Must Know

There is so many office jobs that we must do every day such as making financial data, making letters,  and also making presentations by using the computer. Surely what will happen to us will use Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and also Microsoft PowerPoint. But did you know that there is so many office application software that will make your office job come easier? You may download them in FileHippo.

Kingsoft Office

Kingsoft Office is usually known with the name WPS Office that one of the products from software developer from China. This application software created in 2002. The features and appearance are designed similarly with Microsoft Office. since the WPS Office Storm 2005, this application is supported by Microsoft Office format in 2000-2003 formats of the document. You don’t need to take much practice and time to use this application software, this application includes Kingsoft Office 2007 Personal, Kingsoft Presentation, and also Kingsoft Spreadsheets.

The excellence of this application is The Kingsoft Office 2007 has a small installer file size, that less than 50 MB. So this application can be run on Windows Vista and may be used in older computers. This application also has the advantage that a built-in feature to save and export the documents in the format of PDF.

SSuite Office Application

Another alternative application for Microsoft Office but no need pay a.k.a free of license is SSuite office application. This application has the function that almost same with Microsoft Office that use to do the office work, such as editing data or create documents. The advantage of this application is that the users no need to install the Net Framework or JavaScript. Without this applications, so you may use the SSuite office application to help your work. This application also compatible with other applications that found on your desktop that can be quite good. You may download it in FileHippo.

Corel WordPerfect Office X4

This application software offers powerful software packages and some features like in Microsoft Office, the users may open OOXML file, more than 60 file formats, and save the file in a different format. This edition of Corel WordPerfect Office X4 including lightning for notes, WordPerfect for text, Quattro Pro for spreadsheets, Presentations Graphic editors, and mail.

Even this application is quite expensive, but there are some advantages that you can get. In this application software, you will find the spreadsheet, Word processing, note-taking, email, support for more than 60 file formats, graphical applications, has the capability to handling PDFs like OCR in PDF, and also the powerful tool for big documents. But for you those who usually use the Microsoft Office 2007, you may feel difficult to use this application software.


Koffice is one of the applications for office work that has the package for the K Desktop Environment. This all of the components are realized with an open source license. If you use this application software, so you may find the Kword as the word processor. Kspread as the processing of the number or spreadsheet. Kpresenter that the application to process the presentation. Karbon 14 is the processor of the vector image that has the concept as like as Microsoft Office 2007. The differences are that Koffice installs the toolbar on the left or right of the documents.  The applications menu just a few and nicely arranged. You will be amazed when you open for the first time and run this application. Koffice itself may use the ODF format file to save file, so it’s similar to LibreOffice or Open Office. You may download it in FileHippo.

Celframe Office

This kind of package application software offers the complete programs that you need to make your job easier. Starting from the needs of making data, typing documents,  email, and make the photo album has been provided by this package. There are 10 programs that you will find in this package such as Office Spreadsheet 2008. Celframe Office Write 2008, Office Power Presentation 2008, Office Draw 2008, Office Studio 2008, Office Data Access 2008, Office Note Maker 2008, Office Photo Album 2008, and also Office Publisher 2008.

You can do all you need about the program to manage documents, data, and email by using this application software. These features are also easy to use. One of the interesting programs is Celframe Office Photo Album. You may download it in FileHippo File.

5 Best Browser Apps for Android and iOS

The market is flooded with apps when it comes to web browsers. Whether you are Android or iOS users, there are plenty of options to access the internet right from your smartphone. Unluckily, finding the best browser apps for Android and iOS can be a bit confusing.

Why is it important to get the right web browser? Of course, the right browser helps you access the internet with ease, not to mention it can upgrade your browsing experience. Check out the following references!

5 Best Web Browser Apps for Android and iOS

These apps are available for free. You can easily find them on Google Play Store or App Store so that you don’t need to spend extra effort. Without further ado, here’s a closer look at the best web browser apps.

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Download for Android / Download for iOS

Chrome is one of the most downloaded web browsers. Developed by Google, Inc, this app works well on Android and iOS smartphones. It becomes a browser for several reasons. Not only does Chrome have a simple and intuitive interface, but it also has plenty of features to enhance your browsing time.

It has the ability to open multiple tabs at the same time. Besides, it supports voice-to-text that enables you to search without typing. Another highlight feature brought by Chrome is the translate feature which allows you to translate websites into English or other languages.

2. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

Download for Android / Download for iOS

Firefox is a cross-platform browser that has been around for a while. The browser has millions of active users worldwide, making it a top browser not only for smartphones but also PCs. It boasts easy access to the internet, not to mention it lets you browse privately and hide browsing history.

This web browser is quite simple and easy to use, even for beginners. Much like Chrome, it supports multiple tabs at the same time. But the highlight feature is the ability to sync your history once you login using your Mozilla account.

3. Dolphin Zero

Dolphin Zero

Download for Android / Download for iOS

If you are looking for the best app for private browsing, Dolphin Zero is worth the thought. Available for Android and iOS, this app boasts a clear and user-friendly interface. This mini browser has the ability to let you surf on the internet anonymously.

Aside from private browsing, Dolphin Zero also offers faster performance. As mentioned on, this app is able to access pages three times faster than other browsers, making it a great choice if you need information right away.

4. Puffin Web Browser

Puffin Web Browser

Download for Android / Download for iOS

Coming with a boast of super-fast performance, Puffin is a great mobile browser to level up user experience. This app shifts the workload to the cloud servers, allowing it to run faster than expected. No worries, it also supports cloud protection for secure browsing activities.

Puffin is packed with a set of features, such as Adobe Flash support, Theatre mode, color theme, full web experience. Additionally, it has incognito feature that help clean your browsing history as well as the fastest JavaScript for the best experience.

5. Opera


Download for Android / Download for iOS

When you are coveting a versatile web browser, Opera can be a good answer. This app offers ad-blocker, free VPN, and QR-code reader as well as personalized news. Besides, it claims to be fast and safe for your Android or iOS devices.

Opera comes with a variety of highlight features, such as night mode that lets you adjust lighting options for the most convenient and comfortable reading experience in any condition. It also supports private browsing, auto-saving passwords and easy download management.

Now that you know the best and most recommended browser apps for Android and iOS, it should be easier to make a decision. Whether you are looking for a simple, versatile, or lightweight browser, all you need to do is pick one of those apps.

5 Best Apps for Pregnancy for iOS and Android

The best apps for pregnancy for those who need trackers, baby growth, and other things that every pregnant mother needs are important. These apps will help every mother tremendously, especially if it’s available in android and iPhone. Having these apps around in cell phones is more practical and efficient.

These apps will not only help the pregnant mother to know their baby growth, some of them even help the pregnant mother to monitor their baby vitamins and food intakes. Additionally, some of the apps are useful for doctor scheduling too.

The top list for the best apps for pregnancy that every pregnant mother might want to take a look at is down below:

1. HiMommy Pregnancy Tracker

HiMommy Pregnancy Tracker

Like the name, this app is very useful for pregnant mothers to track what their babies need, checklist, and other things that they might need for their visit to the doctor. Additionally, the designs and color palettes are pretty for the eyes to feast on.

The ratings for this app are very good, for both iOS and Android. The iOS has 4.8, pretty much on par with the android with 4.8 ratings as well.

2. BabyBump


This comprehensive app has everything mothers-to-be could want. They have this feature called Planner+ that helps mothers for their next doctor’s visits. Interestingly, BabyBump has 3D visualization that shows the baby’s growth.

BabyBump also provides baby editorial articles, daily pregnancy, and thorough answers for every confused mother out there, a registry, a photo album to document the belly condition and growth.

The app’s interface and designs help the mothers to access the apps’ features easily, besides beautiful designs to calm the mothers down.

The iPhone has 4.8 ratings, while Android has 4.7.

3. What to Expect

What to Expect

One of the best features of why this app is one of the best apps for pregnancy is its features to guide the pregnant mothers’ step by step in detail. What to Expect provides a guide for every mother day by days and weeks.

The android has 4.7 ratings and the iPhone has 4.8 ratings.

4. Preglife


This app design is pretty simple and easy to use for every pregnant mother to access the app features. Hence, why the app has 4.8 ratings on Android and 4.7 ratings on the iPhone. What makes this app popular for the “best apps for pregnancy” titles is the non-social aspect of having to share stuff on social media.

Additionally, pregnant mothers are not forced to join a group or community in the app.

5. BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker

BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker

BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker helps pregnant mothers in knowing their baby growths, development, food intakes, and scheduling for baby dues. This app provides lots of useful information such as the ideal nutrition for the baby, stages of pregnancy, exercise for pregnant mothers advice, and pregnancy news.

What’s interesting about this app is the features to check the weekly checklist, contraction timer, and bump diary. Also, this app rating for Android is 4.7 and 4.8 for iPhone.

Here is the list of the best apps for pregnancy. Hopefully, this information will help the worried mothers to know what they have to do for their pregnancy. To get the apps, you can check on Drivers and Software.

3 Best Mac Keyboard that Is Compatible with Most macOS

What’s the hype about the best Mac keyboard? When you have Mac computers, you may be compelled to buy the Mac keyboard too. This is the most logical thing to do, but you can actually use other types of the keyboard that is compatible with your Mac computer (and its system). So, what are your options?

Logitech K380

Logitech K380

If you don’t have much budget to spare, then it is quite logical if you are looking for an inexpensive alternative for the keyboard. Well, this one from Logitech should be able to meet your requirements, especially for mobile or tablet needs. With a wireless connection, you won’t have to set up anything. Simply use the Bluetooth and you are good to go. You can also pair it to 3 different devices altogether and use a single button to switch between them – whether you are using a phone, tablet, or Mac.

As one of the best Mac keyboards, this one has a good feel for typing. You won’t suffer from fatigue even if you use it for a long time either. Is the keyboard compatible with macOS? Definitely. Plus, you get to reprogram a few preset function keys. But be aware as it is so easy to make typos if you aren’t used to the keyboard. But not only it is quiet, but it is also completely handy.

Logitech MX Keys

Logitech MX Keys

This is a full-size keyboard, another variant from Logitech. With wireless options and great build quality, you won’t have any issue when using it. Feel free to pair it to any device that you want via Bluetooth or the unifying USB receiver. If you have to deal with multitasking activities, this would be the most ideal item because of the pairing ability. It comes with sturdy built and construction from the metal frame. All the keys feel stable and solid too.

This is a rechargeable keyboard with low profile feature. The combination of handy keys (in Chiclets-style) and the scissor switches is nice – you will experience better typing accuracy. If you have Options software from Logitech, you can even reprogram the keys and the different profiles. Although the keyboard doesn’t have any onboard memory, it has its own cloud sync system so it is super nice to operate and use.

SteelSeries Apex Pro

SteelSeries Apex Pro

If you spend most of your time playing games, then you must have this keyboard. This is one of the best Mac keyboards that is specifically designed for gaming. With a solid aluminum frame, it feels solid, tough, and durable. It even comes with its own magnetic wrist rest that is super comfy to use. With small screen (OLED) and dedicated media controls, you will enjoy your gaming session to the highest level.

Although this keyboard is designed for gaming, it comes with features for convenient typing and working too. The keyboard has the pre-travel shorter distance for better gaming response, but it also has the higher ones for improved typing accuracy. The keyboard even has its own USB passthrough (located on the side). And it comes with a SteelSeries Engine program that you can use if you want to have a custom reprogramming key. Not only this keyboard is good for gaming, but you can also make use of it for work.

Those are just several examples of the keyboard. If you want to see the lists of the best Mac keyboard and other stuff, you can always visit Best AREight to have a better look.

3 Best Soundbar with Subwoofer to Consider

Knowing your options of the best soundbar with subwoofer can significantly improve your entertainment quality – especially if you are thinking about creating your own personal home theater in your crib. Most modern and today soundbars don’t come with subwoofer because the soundbar alone should be able to deliver a detailed and clear sound quality. However, it can’t reach the low sound frequency, unlike the subwoofer. That’s why you can always buy a separate subwoofer and pair it up with your existing soundbar.

Sonos Beam

Sonos Beam

This soundbar may be small and sleek, but it packs a lot of power and strength that will bring lively sound to your house. For its size, the sound is booming and powerful. You can always expand it easily with the extra Sonos subwoofer or speakers. It even comes with its own built-in Alexa voice assistant. However, you should also know the optional subwoofer can be costly. And this device doesn’t have any Bluetooth.

A lot of experts claim that this soundbar is an ideal device to deliver punchy and improved echo experience to your home living environment. As a multi-service audio device for multi-room arrangement, this device will turn your house into a blaring environment without making it lousy or cheap.

Roku Smart Soundbar

Roku Smart Soundbar

If you think that Sonos is an affordable device that can give you a pleasant sound experience, you haven’t met Roku. It is even more affordable and it manages to set itself within the list of the best soundbar with subwoofer. Don’t be fooled by the affordability – the device is able to deliver solid performance in audio quality. And it comes with many options for its media streaming choices which give you tons of freedom and flexibility in the way you operate your device.

However, you may have to have an extra subwoofer or the pair because the bass response is quite weak and lame. If you want to enjoy a bombastic bass quality, then you need to have the extra subwoofer, for sure. Since the device comes with its built-in and full Roku TV interface technology, you will enjoy the high-quality sound system. Feel free to pair it up with either Roku wireless speakers or wireless subwoofer.


Who doesn’t know LG? They are known for their quality and impressive arrays of products. For this soundbar, the device comes with powerful and punchy quality as well as crisp (and nice detailed) clarity. The sub-bass rumble is intense but there is nothing too much about it. Everything comes in a very well and balanced manner, delivering a nice and pleasant experience.

The device also has its own built-in Google Assistant that is also supported by DTS-X and Dolby Atmos audio. You can easily manage everything through WiFi as well as Bluetooth connectivity. Mind you, though, that this device is costly. But it does come with punchy bass quality – eliminating your needs to have an extra subwoofer. But feel free if you still want to pair it up with an extra subwoofer, if you want to even have a punchier sound effect.

Those are your options and also candidates for the best soundbar with a subwoofer that you can include in your personal home setting.

The Best Inkjet Printer For Better Printing

One of the favorite printer types is the inkjet printer. Most people use this kind of printer as it is versatile. You can get satisfying quality when printing documents or photos and even graphics and labels.  However, to get the best quality of printing, you need to have the best inkjet printer. If you still wonder to choose your inkjet printer, here is the recommendation of an inkjet printer you may need.

1. Canon Maxify MB5420

Canon Maxify MB5420

If you’re looking for the best inkjet printer, you can choose Canon Maxify MB5420. Not only has all the advantages of an inkjet printer but this printer also succeeded in erase the downside of the inkjet printer. As you know most of the inkjet printers have slow speed in printing a document. However, that doesn’t work on Canon Maxify MB5420 as it’s quite fast and the quality isn’t disappointing.

Moreover, this printer also has a high-quality color. Though it’s not a printer for photos, when the time comes and you need to print photos, you can count on this printer. You will get nice photos that won’t lose with a printer for photos. And as this printer has high durability, you can print a lot of documents continuously.

2. Canon Pixma TR8520

Canon Pixma TR8520

At this time, you need a printer that has many functions and one of them is Canon Pixma TR8520. Having this printer will save you from a lot of troubles as it can print photos, business cards, fax, scan, and even copy documents. This printer also has a memory card slot so you can insert your memory card into it. Besides, you don’t even need a cable to print documents from your PC for you can connect this printer via Bluetooth, AirPrint, and Google Cloud Print.

Canon Pixma TR8520 has a five-ink printing system that designs for both front and rear loading. That’s why it has high-quality printing with vivid colors. Furthermore, it is very affordable for a printer with a lot of functions.

3. Epson Expression Premium XP-6100

Epson Expression Premium XP-6100

For a long time, Epson has been known as one of the best printers and Epson Expression Premium XP-6100 is not an exception. This three-on-one printer can print documents quickly and in various types such as glossy paper or envelope.

Also, there is a 2,4 inch LCD panel and SD card reader that make it possible to copy and scan the document. As for the quality of printing, there is no need to ask. It can support up to 5760×1440 dpi resolution which is great quality. And you can connect this printer through USB cable as well as WI-Fi direct such as Apple AirPrint.

4. Brother DCP-J1100DW All-In-Box

Brother DCP-J1100DW All-In-Box

Brother DCP-J1100DW All-In-Box may be the only printer that has three-years-worth of ink. Also, this printer has a high quality of printing as a result of printing has a high resolution. Not only printing, but this printer can also scan and copy the documents. Moreover, with the Wi-Fi direct connectivity, you can easily print the document anywhere. And the touchscreen is easy to operate.

That’s all of the recommendations of the inkjet printer. However if you find this recommendation is not enough, you can visit Sylvia Juncosa at Sylvia Juncosa – Best Product Review Site for further information. That way your range in choosing the printer will be wider.

How Bluestacks For iOS Works And The Benefits

Bluestacks For iOS

Bluestacks app in an application that lets people play or run their Android system using PC or TV. At the beginning of the establishment, the app was only for Android and Windows users. However, as time passed, many people also started to use Mac/iOS for their computers. The company then developed the app and made it able to be used even in the iOS System. Usually, this is impossible to happen, but the Bluestack company succeeding in making Bluestacks for iOS use.

The Bluestacks for iOS is still being developed, so it is not yet perfect. However, people can already start playing games or using their Android system using Mac. So, this app is quite useful, especially for those who have an Android phone and a Mac Laptop. However, to make this work, you must know the way on how to use Bluestacks on your laptop. Here are some is the way to use Bluestacks and the other benefits people can get from it:

How Bluestacks For iOS Works

1. Download App

Before being able to use the app, make sure to download the Bluestack App that is used for Mac. The app is free, so you won’t need to pay anything to get the app. After downloading it, launch the program on your laptop, set it up and log in using your Google Account.

2. Search for the Program

When your app has been installed, you can automatically use the app right away. Search for an app that you want to use by typing the name of the app on the right side of the program. Then press enter and many options will occur. Choose the one that you like and install it in the Bluestack system.

3. Run the Program

Once you have finished installing it the app is ready to use. Just like normal times, you just need to click the app to use it. One of the benefits of using Bluestacks for iOS is they can get a clear view of the program they run. Usually, they may use a phone to run the app, which can be seen as small and unclear. But by using a laptop, people can get a better view of what they are playing/doing.

4. Download Apps from Play Store

Play Store

95% percent of Android apps are available in the Bluestack app, so you can search for almost any app here. If you don’t find it too, you can directly download it from the Play Store too. Because the Play Store will also be available on Bluestack for free too.

5. Transfer Data/ Files

One of the problems people use to have is how to transfer their data from an Android phone to an IOS system. Well, with the help of this app, people don’t need to use cable data or email to transfer their files. Just by downloading a certain app, people can transfer their files directly to their laptops.

The company is still developing their Bluestacks for iOS and possibly they may be able for iPads too. However, until today many people are concerned and asking is Bluestacks safe or not to use. Because some people have been saying it can bring the virus to your PC. However, despite the news, many people keep using Bluestacks and have proven that it is safe.

How To Fix File Explorer Not Responding In Windows 10

File Explorer Not Responding in Windows 10

Ever experience on a not responding File Explorer on Windows 10? Not only it is frustrating but also it could waste time. File Explorer is an important tool to access folders and files on the computer. To open the File Explorer, one of the user shells in Windows is the explorer.exe. File Explorer not responding in Windows 10 is a normal thing that could happen and there are several ways to fix it.

The explorer.exe is not only for File Explorer but it could also run the taskbar, the desktop, and other features. If the File Explorer is not responding, the other features would usually not respond as well. The simplest thing to do is restarting. Moreover, people would not have to worry about the negative impact of it. However, there are also other ways to fix it. So, here are the options on how to fix the File Explorer not responding in Windows 10.

Fix File Explorer Not Responding In Windows 10

1. Restarting in Task Manager

Restart File Explorer

The first and easiest way to restart the File Explorer is by using the task manager. People could use this option when the windows are still responsive. People could click right on the taskbar and then click on the Task Manager. Once it is open, click on the task manager option and choose the “More Details” option. The next to do is click on the “Processes” tab on the right top and then choose the Windows Explorer option. After that click the Restart button on the bottom right.

2. Restart with System File Checker Scan

File Explorer not responding Windows 10 might be because of some corrupted files on the drive. Another solution that people could do is by using the system file checker scan. The first step is by inserting the cmd to Windows 10 search box. After that, click right on the on it and click “Run as Administrator”. Then type on sfc/scannow and enter on the keyboard. Once it is down, restart the computer.

3. Clear the File Explorer’s History

The next thing that people could do is clear the File Explorer history. Open the control panel on the windows then find the “File Explorer Options”. When it is open, choose the clear button near the clear explorer history and click OK. When it is done, open the File Explorer again.

4. Update Windows 10

Another reason why File Explorer is not responding in Windows 10 is that it is not in the latest version. That is why people need to update it. The first step is to click right on the Start Menu and click on the Setting. After that, click on the Update & security option. The next thing to do is choose the Windows Update and check for updates. The Windows 10 then would install the latest version

5. Change the Display Setting

Another option to fix the not responding File Explorer is by changing the display setting. Click on the Start button, and then choose the settings option and then the system button. After that, try to change the size of the text to a different size. After that, check again on the File Explorer.

When people are facing a File Explorer not responding in Windows 10, people would often restart their computers or laptop. However, there are simpler ways to fix the problem. Hopefully, these options could help people to fix the not responding file.

Lemongrass Plant Growing Conditions You Have To Know

Lemongrass Plant Growing Conditions

Cymbopogon spp. is another name of Lemongrass grouped as one of the grasses species in the Cymbopogon genus and named Cymbopogon spp. in Latin. For a tropical plant, it is quite tricky in growing this plant outside of the natural habitat. Thus, to keep your plant is growing well, there are many things of lemongrass plant growing conditions you have to keep in close watch. 

Winter Survivor Tropical Plant

Like a typically tropical plant, lemongrass needs a high intensity of sunlight. But on the other hand, it loves moist soil. Surprisingly, this tropical plant, it can survive in low-temperature place. Even though you are in the winter, you can grow the lemongrass inside the house.

Also, lemongrass doesn’t require many things from you. Just place it inside the pot with water or soil and let them grow. Again, even if it seems so easy, you must understand the factors of lemongrass plant growing conditions.

What to Know When Planting Lemongrass

Before we discuss further the factors of lemongrass plant growing conditions, there are two types of plants. Lemongrass is considered as Perennial plants that can survive all growing seasons. Even though their reproductive cycle has completed, the parent plants will continue to grow. Below which affects their growth:


As we mentioned before that wet soil is important for the lemongrass’s moist. So, you cannot avoid the water factor in this plant growing conditions. Water is something that keeps the soil moist or we can say a little bit wet. You must water the plant frequently. It might be two or three times per day or depends on your environment temperature. When it is rainy or winter, water less than in the summer.


Another way to plant the lemongrass is by using the soil. When you choose this method, you must ensure that only the best bulb and roots are placed inside the soil. Also, attention to the pot size. Do not tamp up very much the pot because your lemongrass will grow and make the place crowd.


Since the lemongrass is a tropical plant, it must really crave for sunlight. It becomes the basic factor of its growth. When you plant the lemongrass inside the house, place the pot near the window or space where the sunlight can catch. Sunlight is like the main course for lemongrass.


Trimming is one of the processes in plating lemongrass. It is indeed not the factor like water, soil, or sunlight. But when you miss this part, your lemongrass will hardly grow because of the crowd pot bounder its productivity. Trimming means you cut the leaves on the top part. The more leave on there, the harder your lemongrass will grow.

The Pot

A good thing when you are planting lemongrass is you are not depending on a large space. If what you have is a limited backyard or little sweet corner, just let the lemongrass grows there. But remember, once you use the pot as its media, you must change the pot when the lemongrass gets a crowd.

Those are things that affect your lemongrass plant growing conditions. It is good for you to start in early summer because you can harvest when the winter is coming. To do a good job, find out how to harvest lemongrass in a proper way.

Great Feature You Can Get From HP Laserjet Pro M501dn

HP Laserjet Pro M501dn

HP offered many kinds of laserjet printer. Every design has its own interesting feature. HP Laserjet Pro M501dn is one of the affordable offices printer with some awesome feature. Here are 6 great things included in this printer.

HP Laserjet Pro M501dn Features

  1. Automatic Duplex

Duplex printing is important to print a book. Automatic duplex printing can help the user to do the two-sided printing without flipping it manually.

This printer can print duplex pages automatically because there is a flip system inside. So, paper from the input tray will print the first side. Then, the printer will flip it and print another side.

  1. Maximum Duty Up To 100.000

This printer is so durable. HP claimed that HP Laserjet Pro M501dn can afford up to 100.000 pages per month as a maximum duty.

But the toner still in normal size. And it’s only can print 6000 pages per toner. So if the user wants to do the print until 100.000 pages they must replace the toner frequently.

  1. Printing in 45 ppm

This laser printer also provides a fast printing feature. In a normal mode, HP Laserjet Pro M501dn has speed until 45 ppm.

Further, if this printer is in sleep mode, a page can print in 7,3 seconds without touching the power button. It is pretty fast if compared to another laserjet printer.

  1. Compatible For Windows And Mac OS

This printer is also compatible with all windows operating system. From Windows XP until Windows 10. But the computer must have a minimum of 1 GB memory left.

Besides that, HP Laserjet Pro M501dn also compatible with any Mac OS. It will make them easy to use the printer. Because if it becomes an office’s printer, there might be a few workers that use a different operating system. With this printer, all workers can print easily.

HP Laserjet Pro M501dn Ink Toner

  1. Wired And Wireless Connection

The fifth good things about this printer are that it has a wired and wireless connection. The wired options are using the USB cable. But in some country, the USB cable is sold separately.

Then the wireless connection will make the print job easier because of user don’t need to come near the printer and do the printing job. They just need to print from their desk by computer or phone.

  1. Additional Trays

The sixth feature is that the HP Laserjet Pro M501dn printer can use additional trays. Each tray can hold 550 pages. If a user needs more paper to do the print job, they can buy additional trays separately.

This tray can simplify the printing job. Because the user can print more than 600 pages without inserting some papers frequently.

Basically, the 6 things above can show that this printer is worth to buy. Further, the price is affordable and has a good feature too. It’s suitable for an office which needs fast printing for the black and white document.

Although HP Laserjet Pro M501dn has a big size, this will not be a big problem. Because the user doesn’t need to move it frequently. Then the size of the printer is depending on the additional trays that attach to them.

Doing the print job with this printer is easy and so flexible. Simply install the driver on the computer.  Download the apps for Android or iOS if the user wants to print directly from their phone.

How To Fix svchost.exe In High CPU Usage


svchost.exe is a service host or svchost. This system process can host many Windows services. Moreover, one svchost could run several related network services. This is different from other services that only run related remote procedure calls.

Control panel needs a lot of services if you have ever looked at the services section. Thus, all of Windows could bring down if there is a failure in one service.

How To Fix svchost.exe

There are several ways to fix the problem as follow.

  • Diagnose And Troubleshoot Windows Update Issues

The update sometimes can cause trouble, service host for example. It’s because of the corruption during the update’s process. Therefore, diagnosing and troubleshooting windows update is the answer. This way will help to know where the problem actually is.

  • Clear The Event Viewer Log

Clearing the event viewer log helps to fix the svchost.exe high memory or CPU usage. There are several steps to do this. First, open run dialog by pressing Windows and R on the keyboard. Then, type “eventvwr” in the run dialog. After that, press enter.

Click to expand sub items in Windows Logs in the Event Viewer. Then, give a right click on the application to select Clear Log. After that, clean up Security Setup and System log using the same way. At last, restart the computer.

  • Scan Computer For Malware Or A Virus

Virus Computer

Some might say that svchost is a virus. Whereas, if there’s a virus on a computer, a service host will use more memory resources. Therefore, svchost is not a virus or malware. However, it will come up and use more memory resources if there is a virus/malware.

It’s better to do a full scan in your computer before diagnosing service host. It’s to make you not interfere with the virus. In addition, you could remove malware with RogueKiller or AdwCleaner.

  • Uninstall Unused Apps

One way to fix this problem is by uninstalling some unused apps. It’s because more apps in the computer are more likely performing an update using service host. Moreover, those apps are also performing maintenance that interferes with svchost.exe.

There are some steps to uninstall those unused apps. Firstly, go to the control panel section. Then, choose the uninstall program in the programs menu. After that, choose some applications you don’t use and click the uninstall button. With this easy step, you don’t need to worry about your problem anymore.

  • Run A System File To Repair The Windows

Another way to fix a service host is with running a system file. This way could help to repair the windows files that might get a corruption. A corrupt file can cause some problem and this problem is one of them. There are several steps to follow.

First, open a dialog by pressing Windows and X on the keyboard. Then, select “Windows PowerShell (Admin).” After that, a menu will appear and we need to choose “Yes” to make changes. Then, type “sfc/scannow” and press enter. After scanning, type “RepairWindowsImage-RestoreHealth” then enter. Wait and restart after it finishes.

Those all a brief explanation about how to fix svchost.exe. Those five ways could help you to fix the problem and not to worry anymore. Therefore, check the problem when you find many service host comes up.