How to choose your veil LENGTH and WIDTH

For floor length long veils it’s typically recommended to go with a veil at least as long as the back of the train on the bride's dress. There is no standard measurement for the common names of veil lengths. A chapel or cathedral length may differ dramatically from company to company so it's best to take measurements if you're unsure.

Blusher (also called a shoulder length and flyaway): 23 inches standard or choose 25, 28, 30, 40 inches or other upon special request.
Elbow Length 30 inches standard or choose 35 inches
Fingertip Length 40 inches standard or choose 45 inches
Waltz/Ballet/Tea Length 50 inches standard or choose 55, 60, 65 inches
Chapel Length 80 inches and is often about floor length or choose 85, 90, 95 inches
Cathedral Length 108 inches standard, extends behind bride or choose 115, 120, 125, 30, 135, 140 inches
Grand or Royal Cathedral Length 120 or up to 144 inches or choose 115, 120, 125, 30, 135, 140 inches

* Length of veil trailing behind the bride will vary based on the bride's height, height of her heels, where she wears the veil on her head (at the top or down at the nape of the neck). You may use either the {Estimate veil Length} see below. Or, for a more accurate length use {Measure veil Length} see below.

{ESTIMATE your veil Length}
If you don’t need a custom length veil, and just want to be sure it will be long enough, here is an easy method to check. Add your height and the height of your heels you’ll be wearing plus estimate any extra length that your dress falls behind you if it has a train. If you’re wearing the comb at the crown of your head that's it. Or, if you’re wearing your veil lower, figure out the distance from the top center of your head down to where you’ll wear the comb of the veil and subtract that from your total. You’ll want to be sure the veil is at least this length or longer so your veil isn't shorter than your train. If you want a different look or a custom cut veil, please take more exact measurements. It's easiest if you can get someone else to measure you.

Blusher length: if you're wearing the comb at the top of your head the blusher will fall at about your shoulders for standard, elbow length is 30" blusher, waist or fingertip length blusher is about 40." If you are wearing the comb at the back of your head those dimensions will be different, of course, because the fabric has further to go up and over your head in front of you.

{MEASURE your veil length}
For more exact measurements, take measurements with a flexible or fabric tape measure for the most accurate measurement. Or, use string or ribbon which you can measure with a straight ruler if you have only a rigid ruler or metal/inflexible tape measure. Begin at the spot on your head where you’ll be placing your comb. Measure down along your back and out as far as the end of your dress or where you would like the veil to end. Wear your dress and shoes or add the heel height to your measurement.

Measure top tier blusher length:
Measure from place where you put the comb in your hair, up and over your hairstyle, especially if it's large curls or a bun, down in front of your face to where you want it to fall in front of you. Do you want a shorter blusher or longer to fall down to your elbows or waist/fingertips? You need to measure the entire distance the fabric has to go or your blusher top tier may be shorter than you intended.

With so many options for bridal veils, would you like some help or guidance choosing the width or length that will be best for you? Here are common helpful hints. A Blusher is the top tier which can be used to cover your face during the ceremony. Your veil may have up to 3 tiers, and each can be cut to a different length. If you have a question that isn't answered here feel free to send in your questions.

For help selecting the best color and size of veil for you: { VEIL COLORS }  { VEIL PHOTOS }  { VEIL SIZES & OPTIONS }

54 inches, 72 inches, 108 inches straight side or tapered cut. Also available in a drop veil which has no gathers.

The 108 width is the fullest width veil. The 54 inch wide veils are the most sheer because there is less fabric gathered at the comb. Many bridal shops carry only the 72 inch width as their standard width. Gracefully Girly offers veils up to 108 inches in width, which is recommend for the veils longer than waltz length (knee length) because it offers the most fullness and glamour. If you want a really sheer look for the long veil I recommend going no narrower than 72 inches.

Tapered Width Veils: If you want a veil that is less full and less gathered at the comb, we offer a tapered veil. It is cut to a narrower width at the comb which allows less fabric to be gathered, ending up less poufy at the comb but still full at the bottom.

2 Tapered veil options:
Tapered from 54 inches to 72 inches at the bottom
Tapered from 72 inches to 108 inches at the bottom
* Custom sizes are also an option, please inquire with your specific request.

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