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Birdcage Veil

Gathered at Comb

Veil Care Instructions

Your Gracefully Girly veil has been hand made and hand sewn for you with extra strength thread to last generations. It has been placed in a storage bag for safe keeping by carefully rolling it, instead of folding, to avoid heavy creasing. 

Care and Storage:

To properly care for your veil when you receive it, remove it from the bag and hang it up to help release some of the wrinkles that come from packaging. It can be hung from a clip hanger by the comb, or for long veils that would fall to the floor, it can be hung between 2 hangers or two chairs. Drop veils that have a comb sewn to them with just a small row of stitching should not be hung by the comb for long periods of time. Instead they should be placed over a chair or between 2 hangers to avoid placing undue stress on the fragile fabric.

To steam your veil use a high heat steam iron. Please follow your specific iron instructions to produce steam directed at your veil, being careful not to touch the veil with the iron or it could create a hole or mar it. Bridal shops and some dry cleaners also offer veil steaming services.


To clean your veil use a colorless cloth and blot the veil gently.  You may use water and a gentle soap to remove stains, being careful not to tug or pull on the fabric. Hang, drape or lay your veil flat to dry, away from direct heat.

Long Term Storage:

For storing your veil after the wedding it can be placed back in the storage bag. To store your veil you should roll it around the comb to avoid the hard creases it gets when it's folded flat for long periods of time. You may also store it in a larger dust cover bag but avoid keeping it in dry cleaning plastic bags for long term storage. Your veil can be boxed for safe keeping. Wrapping it in acid-free tissue paper between the layers can help keep it safe and looking nice for long periods of time.

Drop Veil